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WarmWire Kit Features & Benefits

WarmWire Kit Features & Benefits

Kits include the following items packaged at the SunTouch Factory in the USA.

WarmWire floor Heating Wire Spool(s) with a 10 Ft Armored power lead.

SunStat PRO II Thermostat Model 500775 with dual Voltage, Built-in GFCI protection, and Preset or Custom programming, with LCD Backlit display.

Loud Mouth installation monitor for audible warning if continuity wire is broken during installation, simply connect the included 9-volt battery Designed & patented by SunTouch, Pro Contractors call this handy tool piece of mind.

Enough WarmWire Strap for proper installation Double sided super-sticky tape is very thin and low profile to adhere your WarmWire Strap to the sub floor. It works on concrete, plywood or concrete board to hold the cable in place while you trowel over it.

Installation Manual with all instructions, suggestions and examples of floor heating layouts.

And, Only from Warm Your Floor, we include: Free Digital OHM Meter for testing of your WarmWire before, during and after installation.

SunTouch tips, tricks & secrets from experienced installers gathered over our many years as Radiant Floor Experts.

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  • Jon K.
    Author: Jon K. Posted: August 8, 2016

    Can I buy a Warm Wire kit but pay the difference to get a wifi thermostat? Let me know.

    • Jacquelyn Sutterman
      Author: Jacquelyn Sutterman Posted: August 8, 2016

      Hi Jon!

      Thank you so much for your question. You can most definitely purchase a WarmWire kit with a WiFi thermostat instead. Please give us a call at 866-558-3369 today until 5PM, or tomorrow (or any other weekday) starting at 6:30AM (PST) and we will get you what you need.

      Stay Warm,
      Jacquelyn S.