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What’s New About WarmWire 3.0?

What’s New About WarmWire 3.0?

SunTouch has made a lot of improvements to what was already fantastic cable system with their new WarmWire 3.0 cables—and without increasing the cost!
Like the old WarmWire, the WarmWire 3.0 cables are covered in a durable Polyurethane jacket, which gives them a high impact resistance and makes them waterproof so they can be safely installed in wet areas.
However, SunTouch has replaced the old metal braid that used to be underneath the Polyurethane jacket with a new drain wire shield. This not only makes the new WarmWire cable more flexible, it reduced the thickness of the cable to roughly 1/16th of an inch (0.10 - 0.13 inch) without compromising the durability of the cable. This allows for a smoother surface for installing flooring over and reduces the amount of mortar required for the whole installation. The new drain wire shield also makes the cables easier to repair in those rare instances that they are damaged during the installation or by future remodeling.
In addition to this, the WarmWire 3.0 cable generates 12 watts (41 BTUs) at 3 inch spacing instead of the 2.5 inch spacing the old cable required. This means that installers will need to make around 17% less loops with the cable during the installation, making for a quicker cable installation than ever!
Finally, SunTouch added a print stream to the jacketing of each cable listing what length of wire and what voltage it is, making them easier to tell apart when installing several in one area.

In summary:
• Thinner cables (up to 1/16th of an inch less than before )
• 12 Watts at 3 inch spacing for easier calculations and faster installation
• More flexible cable
• Same durability, warranty, and UL listing
• thinner means a flatter surface for installing flooring over
• Less mortar needed for installation
• New print stream on the outside of the cable to make the easier to identify on-site

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