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Why can’t I splice wires together or otherwise extend the WarmWire heating wire?

Why can’t I splice wires together or otherwise extend the WarmWire heating wire?

Since each WarmWire spool uses a specific wire size, extending a wire will risk premature failure and provide too little heat to the floor.

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  • Janet S.
    Author: Janet S. Posted: October 8, 2016


    My remodeling has had many delays.

    I purchased WW in 2013, to use on the entire den and kitchen floor.

    I have changed plans, and only want to use it on the kitchen tile (not the Eng. Hrdwood Den floor) so, can an electrician shorten the wire as it was in a very large roll. HELP!

    you can look up my invoice.

    -Janet Stone

    • Author: Jacquelyn S. Posted: October 10, 2016

      Hi Janet,

      Unfortunately the cable cannot be cut shorter. Each heating element is manufactured with a specific resistance based on its size. Shortening a cable would change the resistance of the element, causing it to heat improperly and ultimately fail.

      Normally we would recommend exchanging the cables you purchased for a different size, but SunTouch has changed the WarmWire cable structure since 2013, which means we could no longer take back and resell the older version you currently have. If you cannot find a way to use up these cables, I would recommend purchasing a new spool. The thermostat and accessories you have are completely compatible with the new WarmWire cables, so you will not need to purchase anything else.

      One of our product specialists has emailed you a few recommendations.
      Thank you for your question!