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Why choose Nuheat Electric Floor Heat Mats?

Why choose Nuheat Electric Floor Heat Mats?

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Nuheat is the easiest way to get a heated floor, since the mats are pre-built for you. Nuheat mats provide evenly distributed under floor heat with absolutely no cold spots on tile, stone, laminate or engineered wood for a comfortable warm floor. The manufacturer provides a 25 year warranty for all warm floors. This is your guarantee of quality since 1990. Nuheat radiant under floor heating systems can help you zone heat your home to reduce your heating bills. The mats come in more stock sizes of electric floor heat mats that can be arranged to fit almost any room.  Nuheat is the only radiant heat system that gives you the option to have custom mats made specifically for rooms with angles or curves. No one else offers this convenience and we can produce a mat in 3-7 days.

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