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Why should I invest in floor heating systems in the summer?

Why should I invest in floor heating systems in the summer?

It's fairly obvious why someone might want to install a floor heating system in their home for winter months. What may not be clear is why you would have such a product put in during spring or summer, particularly if you live in a warmer climate like California.

The first thing to consider is that it won't be summer forever. Once autumn sets in and it begins to cool off outside, your floors are going to become a lot less comfortable to walk on - particularly if they're made of tile, stone, laminate or engineered wood.

It's also important to remember that floor heating is connected to an energy-saving thermostat, which regulates temperatures and even senses floor temp so that your floors never get too warm for you to walk on them. Installing such a system won't contribute to making your rooms feel even hotter on summer days, as the thermostat will ensure that the system shuts off once it reaches a certain temperature, which you have the ability to raise or lower as you see fit.

Furthermore, even on summer days, your flooring, particularly in your bathroom, can be quite chilly after a night of sitting in darkness. No one likes to wake up and walk barefoot on a freezing tile floor. Our heated floor mats ensure that you won't have to. And if you're in the process of remodeling a bathroom or kitchen - like many Americans tend to do during the warmer months – you'll want to install heat mats before you put in your new floor, as you won't be able to once your flooring is laid without ripping it up again.

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