Nexans Snow/Ice Melting Cables

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For All OUTDOOR applications, please complete this form and provide us with ALL the details about your application, including your zip code, type of material (concrete, pavers, asphalt), application (driveway, tire tracks, patio, stairs), measurements, step details, available power (120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 277, 480 VAC) and any other relevant information. We can custom manufacture cables in 2 to 5 DAYS for all your Snow & Ice melting or Outdoor needs ; That is right DAYS not weeks.

Choose the Nexans Snow Melting Cable System for permanent installation in your new Sidewalk, Entry, Driveway or anywhere you wish to eliminate the accumulation of Snow and Ice. The Nexans thick cables are triple insulated and WaterPROOF for all exterior applications imbedded in concrete, stone, pavers or asphalt and have been manufactured since the 1930s; they were good then and they are even better today. The Nexans TXLP Snow and Ice Melting cable is designed to withstand the rigors of harsh outdoor use.

Nexans Snow Melting cables achieve this unmatched durability and safety by incorporating a patented splice, insulated cover and a metal clad sheath to ensure product longevity. And, our snow melt cable is backed by a 30 year warranty!   The Nexans cable is available in a variety of voltages ranging from 120 to 480 VAC with either single or 3 phase circuits, making it ideal for ANY residential, commercial or heavy industrial snow and ice melting application. 

Nexans cable can be used to melt snow and ice safely on any ground surface.

  • New Concrete — simply attach to reinforcing mesh inside with cable ties
  • Pavers in a sand or concrete base - place directly under pavers
  • Asphalt driveways — Can withstand the heat of hot asphalt
  • Brick walks or entry areas
  • Existing concrete to be covered with Flagstone, Tile or other natural stone.

The cable must be completely encapsulated within a cement, mortar or asphalt base. Installation is easy and the cable becomes completely concealed in the substrate you are heating and requires Professional installation and May be laid out by any building trades professional. Wiring must be done by a qualified, licensed electrician.


Loading: Our Nexans Heating cables can be used with the following MAXIMUM values:

Outdoor in Concrete: 55 watts/Sq Ft or 15.2 watts/linear ft.

Outdoor in Asphalt: 32.5 watts/ Sq Ft or 10.5 watts/linear ft.

Outdoor in Pavers: In Sand 48 watts/Sq Ft or 10.5 watts/linear ft.

Outdoor in Pavers: In Concrete 55 watts/sq. ft, - 15.2 watts/linear ft.

Voltage: 120, 208, 220, 230, 240, 277, 460 and 480.


Nexans Outdoor Snow and Ice Melting Cables Installation Instructions

Snow & Ice melting controls and contactors — see them here

Wiring Instructions for Outdoor Controls & Contactors

Nexans Cable Warranty

To maintain the safety and UL Listing of your NEXANS snow & Ice melting system, we receommend you choose from our control panel offerings. It simply isn't very safe to attempt to control your new NEXANS system with switches, timers or contactor panels of your own assembly. Our solutions MAINTAIN your UL listing, are safe, Economical, Professionally factory assembled, and matched to your project.