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Nuheat Cable 80 sq ft kit 120V

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Main Features of N1C080 Nuheat Cable 80 sq ft kit 120V

Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Install Steps No
Skill Level Running Cable more difficult + more time than MATS. Installation only by qualified persons. Electrician recommended for wiring
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Required for each circuit. Built-in to all Nuheat thermostats.
Circuit Breakers and Supply Wire (always follow local code) No
Maximum Circuit Load 15 Amps
Maximum Circuit Overload Protection 20 A Breaker.
Electrical Box Size (Where Mats connect to Thermostat) No
Full Length End-to-End ground wire Yes.
Heating Wire construction No
Repairable Heating Wire Yes, Wire can be repaired. Repair kits and assistance available.
Shower Installation Permitted Yes, can be installed in a tiled shower.
Installation Layout Map customized for my project Yes - see examples. We provide Layout Maps only for MATS
Expected Floor Temperature This is dependent on many factors. A well-insulated floor can ensure better performance.
Insulation Recommended Yes; under slabs or framed floors. Cork or similar on top of Concrete Subfloor as thermal break
Indoor Installation Only INTERIOR floor heating Application only. Embedded in Mortar only
Installation On Sub Floor on TOP of Sub Floor (Plywood, backer board, concrete)
Distance from Wax Ring at toilet flange Install 4 - 6 inches away; can be under front of toilet. Approx 20" from wall
Trowel Size recommended minimum 3/8" x 1/4". Works for most ceramic tile; verify with tile/mortar manufacturer
Trowel type Recommended Heavy Duty Plastic PRO-Trowel
Cut Warning No. Never cut the heating elements to shorten
Minimum Installation Temperature 50 Degrees F / 10 Degrees C


UPC 620713030103
Voltage 120VAC
How to choose 120 or 240 Volt Same Energy efficiency & same Watts/SF. More Sq Footage per circuit with 240v
Watts Per SF 12 Watts per Sq Foot
Heat Output BTUs per SF 41 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour
Heating Power : Total BTU's 3280 BTU total
Manufacturer Nuheat Industries Ltd.
Brand Name Nuheat
Power Lead Type TEW Wire with Stainless Steel ground braid rated to 105 C and 300v max.
Power Lead Length 10 Feet
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) 18 AWG
Packaging Cardboard box
Product Thickness No
Heating Wire Spacing 3" on center only
Minimum Bend Radius No
Ohms Reading (resistance value) 15 (Range is 14-17 ohms) Nuheat ohms range is -5% to +10%
ZERO* EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Zero EMF
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation Nuheat Floor sensing thermostat
Conduit required for Power Leads Conduit is required for Power Leads
Length of heating area Feet No
Width of heating area Inches No
Length of heating area Inches No
More Details

More Details

What's In The Box No
Individual Items No
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 years
Why Helps No
Heated Area Size Covered 80
Amp Draw 8.1
Wattage : Total watts 960 watts
Size in Inches No
Size in Feet No
Installation Style Heating Cable secured to floor using cable guides (track). Guides are secured to floor with tape, screws or glue.
Custom Size Options None. Standard lengths only. No customization
Safety Listing No
Canadian Electric Code reference No
Cable strap or guides Cable guides are included in the kit
BTUs/SF/Hr 1 No
BTUs/SF/Hr 2 No
BTUs/SF/Hr 3 No
Spacing between runs 1 No
Spacing between runs 2 No
Spacing between runs 3 No
Watts Per SF 1 No
Watts Per SF 2 No
Watts Per SF 3 No
Heated SF 1 No
Heated SF 2 No
Heated SF 3 No
Acceptable Floor Coverings Tile, Stone,Granite, Marble, Slate, Engineered wood, Laminate
Made In USA Made in Canada from a majority of USA components.

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