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You can find the answers to your Nuheat Electric Radiant Floor Heating questions here. Nuheat Custom heating mats or Nuheat mats in standard sizes. 

The Answers to Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the Nuheat FAQ

General information & Literature

Nuheat Products Brochure

25 year Warranty

Size Listing of All Nuheat Mats 120v & 240v

SOLO Thermostat Brochure 

Harmony Thermostat Brochure 

Tempo Thermostat Brochure

Starting Your Nuheat project:

Nuheat Measuring Instructions - a How-To-Guide

Virtual Thermsotats - operation and How-To Programming

Nuheat SOLO Virtual Thermostat
Learn how to program your Nuheat SOLO Programmable Thermostat.

Nuheat Harmony Virtual Thermostat
Learn how to program your Nuheat Harmony Programmable Thermostat.

Installation & Operation Manuals:

Nuheat Mat Installation Instructions (4 pgs)

Nuheat Mat Installation Instructions in Espanol

Nuheat Complete Installation Manual (24 pgs)

Thermostat Solo Operating & Installation

Thermostat Solo Operating & Installation - Espanol

Thermostat Harmony 110/220 Operating & Installation

Thermostat Harmony HMY110/HMY220 in Espanol

Thermostat Tempo Operating & Installation

MatSense PRO Connection instructions

Wiring Instructions for 110/220v with Relays

Past Thermostat Models (discontinued)

Nuheat NTG/82F Virtual Thermostat 
Learn how to program your Nuheat NTG Programmable Thermostat.

Thermostat NTG5110/NTG5220 Operating & Installation  (Replaced By Nuheat Solo Thermostat)

Thermostat NTG5110/NTG5220 in Espanol

Safety & Testing

Listings and test result data

Specification Information

CSI Short Form Specification

Specification Details

Troubleshooting Guides 

Repairing Nuheat Mats

Replacing a Tile Over a Nuheat Mat

Repairing a Cut Heating Wire

Repairing a Cut Power Lead