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ProMelt PM-HSC5 Surface Sensor Detector 24v

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The PM-HSC5 is a surface mounted snow detector. It is used to detect snowfall and low temperature and then automatically activate the ProMelt Mats or Cables via a CP panel. It has built-in temperature and moisture detection and a drying cycle (not adjustable) after snow melting is complete. It is comprised of a sensor and sensor socket that is embedded in the slab level with the surface where ProMelt is installed.

The PM-HSC5 is a 24 volt, self contained snow and ice detector intended to be installed in a concrete slab or other masonry material. Each PM-HSC5 is designed to operate on supplied 24 V power. The snow sensor is heated to allow for snow, ice, or freezing rain to melt, allowing proper detection of environmental conditions. This Low voltage control cannot operate alone – it must be connected to and powered by a contactor control panel. For standalone operation, choose the PM-2B or PM-5 sensor-controllers.

The HSC5 Pavement-Mounted Deicing Controller reliably operates snow and ice melting heaters based upon pavement condition. The HSC5 activates systems for snow and ice melting at pavement temperatures below 38 degrees F (3.3 degrees C) while moisture in any form including water, snow, sleet or ice is present. Once the sensor element has dried, the fixed 5 hour hold-on timer keeps heaters operating. This sensor operates in conjunction with our Contactor Pro series of ProMelt controls, ordered separately.

The HSC5 accurately measures pavement temperature by compensating for its internal heating. This eliminates the cost and complexity of a separate pavement temperature sensor. For improved efficiency, products mount close to the deicing heaters to ensure that pavement and sensor become dry at about the same time



Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps
  • The PM-HSC5 sensor should be mounted in a concrete slab or other masonry material so that the top of the sensor is level with the surrounding surface.
  • Sensor should be placed in a location that is exposed to traffic, helping to keep the sensor surface clean of debris.
  • The sensor can be placed in any location as long as the moisture grid is exposed to a clear view of the sky and any precipitation. However, it is best to locate the sensor within the heated zone, or next to it, to allow more direct detection of the conditions in that area.
  • Do not install the sensor where it will not be exposed to the elements, such as under parked vehicles. The moisture grid should not be mounted directly under trees, bushes, overhangs, or other obstructions that can block precipitation from reaching the moisture grid.
  • When installing the PM-HSC5 in asphalt, it is necessary to encapsulate the sensor housing in a 12"x12" (304.8 mm x 304.8 mm) concrete pad.
  • Wire the controller in accordance to the provided schematics. The PM-HSC5 control requires the use of a Contactor Pro Relay Panel to deliver power to the ProMelt system. Refer to the Contactor Pro Relay Panel installation manual for further details.

The new mounting system provides accurate alignment with the pavement surface. Six available conduit locations add to installation edibility and simplicity. The sensor subassembly is held replaceable without disturbing the pavement.

Location / Use : Indoor Only Outdoor Only
More Details

More Details

Why Helps

Automatically controlling your system means lower costs for deicing and snow melting.

Surface mounted sensors are generally less reliable and more expensive than aerial sensors. They tend to get dirty or clogged with grit and extra care must be taken to keep surface sensors open to the sky and free of debris.

Pavement sensors are often used if there are significant snow drift situations or in critical applications where staff is avaialbe (commercial trucking firms, helipads at hospitals, etc) to ensure proper sensor operation.

This Pavement-Mounted Deicing Controller reliably operates snow and ice melting mats or cables based upon pavement surface condition. This ensures that deicing heaters operate only when needed which minimizes energy costs without sacrificing snow melting effectiveness. Our sophisticated controls automatically activate the ProMelt snow melt system when it detects precipitation AND temperatures are below 38 F (not adjustable).

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