We thought you might like to hear from a few satisfied heated floor customers, so we've included a few of the unsolicited comments we have received recently.

Joe L.
You are doing a GREAT job there. You are on top of it! I wish more businesses were as good. I am more than pleased with your service. I will tell everyone how great your service is.

John N.
Thank you very much for the excellent customer service. I will definitely refer you and your products to friends.
David S.
Got my mat today.  Impressed by how fast and well you guys got that out!

Steve B.
Thanks Scott.  Sorry it took as long as it did, but I didn’t really know what would be extra until I finished the project.  Everything works great; I’m very happy with the Warm Wire!
Craig S.
Received the Suntouch pad and control.  Thanks so much for the speedy service.  A pleasure doing business with you.  Thanks again.
Eric M.
Scott, you and your staff have been very helpful in helping me with my screw-ups.  Greatly appreciated.  Thanks.  I will recommend you and your products to anyone.
Larry P.
Thanks for the information Scott.  You have made doing business a pleasure.  We will do it again.
Lee S.
We really enjoy the slate, esp. since they are heated. It was our tile guy’s first time working with the elec mats.  We could not find anyone in Laramie who had experience with that type of heated floor.  It turned out great and he indicated he would steer future clients to heated floors.  We will put heated floors in the future bathroom remodel, so you'll be hearing from me again.
I received and installed the new thermostat to replace our 6 year old model.  Works like a charm now!! Thanks so much for the warm floors and the great customer service.
Maria P.
I just wanted to send a note to say I am so happy with my girls’ bathroom floor that I actually have my husband going to start our master bath!  Also, thanks so much for the help with the other job.  Bob said you were great to talk to.  We will see how this is with our electric bill, hope not much of a difference, this is NJ notCalifornia weather.  Can’t wait to use you on the next job!
North M.
Just a short note thanking you for a great product!!!  It is totally awesome the way it heats the floor!!!  Debbie (my wife) is very, very happy with it.  Sarah Gans, our decorator on this project, was also impressed.  Lee Weis, the marble installer, also see's several applications to it.  So the product is great and so are you and Shelley.  Just wanted to drop you a note so if you need a testimonial on your product.  I would use in-between floor joist product (SunTouch UnderFloor) because of ease in getting to for repairs, more consistent heating (no hot spots), and the programmable thermostat is so awesome that should be the only one available. Thanks Again
Pat M.
Hey Scott, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the help with my floor problem (I have way too much heating cable).  Also, I wanted to thank you for getting me the new reel of cable out the next day.  It helped to get the job done.  This is my first experience with your company, and except for the mistake made on my part, it has been a great experience.  I guess I will just use that setup on my own personal garage.  Thanks again.
Erik B.
If it makes any difference, Scott was helping me with this order.  He was very prompt and informative.  Thanks.
Michael D.
You guys rock!  I’ll be ordering tomorrow!  Thanks!!!
Glenn F.
Just wanted to say thanks for the help. I look forward to doing more business in the future.
I just wanted to let you guys know that I am really impressed with your customer service.  From helping me through your website and assisting with any questions I have, to after I have finished ordering and following up on correspondence I sent you by email, you guys have been wonderful.  In all the years I have been dealing with Customer Service, you guys seem to have the best.
Lou P.
Thank you for your fast and honest answer.
We are looking forward to our warm floors.  I wanted to express my appreciation for all that you did.  Turning around the quote and layout in about 14 hours is above and beyond fantastic customer service.  Thank you for working with us on the pricing and getting everything out the door so quickly.  I will make sure to tell our contractor about Warm Your Floors so they can use you for future jobs.
James F.
I received our outdoor mats yesterday, plugged them in today, and already have seen a big difference. Oops, didn’t finish….the mailman wanted to know where I got them and I gave him a referral. Great Product!!!
Jim D.
Hi Scott – this is what I love about you guys, you stay on top of it, with quick responses & solutions. Thanks again.  
Margie R.
Shelley, The floor mat was exactly right. We installed it yesterday. Thanks for your help in getting it correct.
Karen M.
We have just purchased a SunStat Pro model 500670 and love it. However I did not want to use the programmed timing feature. I was not able to figure out how to over ride it so I called your tech support. Wow. I called your toll free number, the call was answered in 2 rings and I spoke to a very nice young man who spoke English, was helpful, gracious and solved my problem. Just wanted to thank you for your great customer service. 
Trent C.
Best site for this stuff, easy to read, research, find.
Norman V.
Site is good easy to navigate
Johnson N.
Have warm wire in one room already. Love it!
Jake M.
You guys are great! And, great doing business with you.
Sasha D.
I called on two occasions for information and your staff was VERY patient and helpful. Thx.
Timothy T.
It came today! Your product is way better then warmlyyours! The wiring you have was much easier to install then warmlyyours product. I had most of the wiring done and it didn’t take long for the electrician to finish things up. Just got done prepping the area for tomorrow’s tile job.  Thanks again Shelley!
William R.
Scott, Thank you so much for your prompt replies. Since the GFCI was tripping I decided to re-check all my wiring. As a result I see what I did to cause the problem. I just now flipped the breaker on and the thermostat and everything is now working PROPERLY!! Thanks again. By the way, these mats worked great under the tile floor in the master bath – everything I could have hoped for!
Pam P.
Hi Scott As always, thank you for your prompt service – I got the thermostat- Of course now I have to have the electrician do his part.
Scott W.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my warm floor this winter. It performed beautifully. Thanks again for all your help in getting it ordered and shipped. I can’t get my wife out of the bathroom on the cold winter mornings.
Angelo L.
I ordered you under floor product with the programmable thermostat. I installed it last weekend and think it is a great product. It was easy to install and it works great. When my wife came home I had the system running and told her to go feel the floors, she said “Oh my God, I am going to sleep here tonight on the floor it feels so good!” Thanks for the great do-it-yourself product. I really like the programmable thermostat as well, when I get up in the morning to take a shower; it is nice and warm in my bathroom. Thanks again.
Debbie B.
Hi Scott, Thank you for the floor heaters. They are great. Jamie installed them last week and I Love the thermostat! Very cool system. Thank You!
Josh M.
Thanks for such rapid processing and shipping, that was not expected.
Glenn F.
Thanks for your support. In my future dealings, I’ll deal ONLY with Warm Your Floor. It’s all working and I’m ready to tile. Just wanted to send a positive email to you and show my appreciation for your timely help.

Trudy M.
Hi Shelley, Thank you so much for the CAD layout on the Sullivent’s bath. I will be traveling from Little Rock to Hot Springs tomorrow (Friday) to see the Sullivent’s and will take the CAD drawings with me. They will make a decision tomorrow, knowing that everything is in stock will probably seal the deal! I’ll be in touch, and thanks for your professional service!
Kim M.
You guys are awesome thank you very much, if I have any questions I will definitely contact you. Thanks again.
Jon A.
Hi Shelley Just received the thermostat and it works great, the floor is warm and toasty. Thanks for such great customer service and a really fast turn around. I have and will continue to recommend your company and you.
John A.
WOW! You’re too AWESOME! Thanks a ton, I’ll let you know if there is anything else.
Marc M.
Shelley, Attached is a copy of the drawing with my signature on it. I am a few days out before laying the mats, so that will give me time to read through the instructions. Thanks again for your professional service. It is greatly appreciated.
Allan H.
Dear Shelley, I got my order today. Thank You for speedy service. My son is remodeling also I will inform him about You. Thanks again.

Randy R. 
Thanks for the excellent service and communication.

Bud B.
We thoroughly enjoy the newly tiled bath – it always looks great when we walk in – but we’ve already forgotten the old bath. The floor is a different matter – every time we walk into the room it’s as if it were the first time. Call us easily amused – but we can’t get over what a great addition the radiant floor is.

Amy-Beth N.
Fantastic service. Thank you!!!

John B.
Just a quick note to let you know my order arrived today, thanks for the great service!
Steve C.
Shelley, Thank you. I must say that I am very impressed with the speed and responsiveness of your order processing. Happy Holidays and best wishes for a good new year.
Patrick M.
Hey Scott, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the help with my floor problem ( I have way to much heat cable) also wanted to thank you for getting me the new reel of heat cable out the next day it helped to get the job done. This is my first experience with your company and except for the mistake made on my part it has been a great experience. I guess I will just use that setup on my own personal garage. Thanks again.
Dexter D.
The Floor is JUST GREAT!!!!! Thank You for all your help & Merry Christmas Happy New Year!!
Tom J.
Dear Shelley, Please pass it on to management that we are very pleased all around: Website with design sizing, layout and catalog info., Phone consult when placing my order/recommendations – Price and delivery, Instructions with equipment and online – programming of controller, Performance of system. We remodeled the master bath of our 25 year old custom home and went from carpet to a 12” ceramic tile over Hardiebacker. The tile would have been a huge mistake had we not also decided to use a heated floor (cold feet).
Lee S.
Hi Scott, I received and installed the new thermostat. Works like a charm now!! Thanks so much for the warm floors and the great customer service. We will put heated floors in the future bathroom remodel, so you’ll be hearing from me again.