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HeatTrak 3 Pack 10" x 30" Residential Heated Stair Mat including Power Cord/GFCI

Item Number: HR10-30KIT3

MFR Part No: 3 Pack (HR10-30) 1 (HR-P)

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Product Info

Heated Walkway and stair mats Eliminate Shoveling Snow providing automatic snow melting.

HeatTrak's Residential Heated Walkway Snow-Melting Mats plug in and Melt Snow on contact. They are an economical, environmentally safe and easy choice to melt snow as it falls, helping to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice on walkways outside your home. Made of specialized thermoplastic material, the mats are portable and are designed to be left outside all winter long! The HeatTrak mats generate heat to melt snow at a rate of 2' per hour leaving the walkway to your home clean and clear 24/7. We also have Snow-Melting Stair Mats to connect to our Heated walkway Mats; they can be used independently or interconnected with one another to create a continuous system of snow melting mats. With the mats' built in watertight connector cables, you can connect Residential Mats to create your perfect heated walkway snow melting solution - all on a single plug!

Residential Mats & Stairs can only connect to other Residential Mats. They do not connect to our Heavy Duty Commercial-Industrial Heated mats or stairs. The Residential and Commercial systems have different connections.

Each Residential Heated Walkway Mat and Residential Stair Mat comes with its own built in watertight connector cables. A customer can use the watertight connector cables to connect the mats to other Residential Mats or to a Power Unit. Every group of Residential Mats requires one GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) Power Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet. A customer can connect up to 5 Residential Walkway Mats, 15 Residential Stair Mats or any combination thereof (up to 12.5amps) on a single Power Unit. If your run is longer, simply buy an extra power unit.

Remember, each set of Residential Snow-Melting Mats requires one Power Unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet.

Voltage 120 VAC
Manufacturer Heat Trak, LLC
Brand Name HeatTrak
Power Lead Length 6 Ft
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) 14/3
Weight 14.1500
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation HR-P power unit included and outlet required