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Nexans Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cables from Warm Your Floor is your THICK cable choice.

Nexans Indoor  Electric Floor Heating  Cables are designed to be installed inside a new concrete slab as it is poured or placed on top of any sub floor and covered with thickset tile or stone Indoors for warm floors or room heating. Nexans Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems are UL Listed with a long history of safety and reliability you can depend on for years of warm floors.

The Nexans 2 conductor TXLP/2 is a dual wire cable ¼ inch thick with a 7 foot power lead and a stiff PVC outer jacket.

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Nexans History begins with the formation of the first company in 1897. More than a century of progress and innovation have occurred since the Swiss engineer Francois Borel made electric cables watertight by applying a coating of lead over bituminous paper. In the next 110 plus years, Nexans has grown and acquired key companies to allow Research and Development and new ideas to flourish. From the original company Societe Francaise des Cables Electriques, next called ESWA (early name of the “Kabel” first manufactured Nexans Norway) . Then ESWA became Alcatel, who became the current Global Electric cable powerhouse that is Nexans Norway and the Company continues to progress, and to develop its leading technologies in the electric cable business. The longevity of Nexans cables are un-matched worldwide. In 1951 Nexans electric radiant heating cables were installed to warm the feet and bodies of church goers in Oslo Norway and the Nexans system is still doing the job 55 years later (see above photo) Nexans current systems offer the same (or even better) reliability and quality that have been working in Oslo , Norway for well over 50 years. Wherever and whenever you want warm tile or concrete or need to melt the snow from your driveway or your rooftop. Nexans cables for indoor residential floors are available from our extensive inventory and these ready-made products assure you get the radiant heating system you want, when you want it. Installation Instructions for Indoor Floor Heat Cables 1/4" Thick overall (.256 in) Heating element with Triple protection Our UL Listed Series TXLP radiant heating cables offer the highest quality in electric radiant heating systems. Our cable is made from long lasting conductor wire, and has a durable & Waterproof PVC plastic outer covering to complete the assembly. The cable is available in ready-made lengths from 300 to 2200 Watts, making it ideal for warming almost any size room. Custom sizes and voltages are also available and Floor Heating Cables can be combined up to the amperage of the control (thermostat controls up to 16 amps) or control system with integrated electrical contactors (up to 200 amps) High quality, long-lasting and water-proof Cables 1/4 inch in diameter UL Listed for your assurance Works with any type of floor: slab, frame or hardwood and we make Special cables for Outside Installation Outside applications include Patio Floor Warming, Bench Warming, and snow melting See Photos of outdoor projects Read More on Outdoor Snow Melting Systems Energy efficient Nexans Electric Radiant Floor Heating is Silent and Invisible Works well in conjunction with any heating system 30 year warranty Maximizes living space; completely concealed within the floor Ready made cable sets for virtually any size room and multiple cables can be combined Easy to plan and install Safe: no moving parts, open flames, or exposed heating elements Nexans Frequently Asked Questions Why Choose Nexans radiant heat cable ? Nexans developed and patented the technology to produce cables with continuous insulation extruded over the splice connecting the heating element to the cold lead. There is NO manual crimp connection or shrink tubes like most other cables. This means there is no chance for water intrusion into the splice and long life. Nexans electric radiant blue heat cable from Warm Your Floor is designed to provide you with the comfort and convenience you deserve for a lifetime. Among THICK cables, Nexans offers the best in floor warming or snow and ice melting - no manufacturer of cables can match the high standards of Nexans, the ONLY thick cable with Triple Protection for durability Nexans has been manufacturing electric heating cable since 1928. Nobody else in the industry comes close. Nexans cable is ideal for concrete installations Up to 3 times thicker than the competition & the most durable on the market Nexans is the only heating cable with a waterproof metal sheath and 3 protective coverings to prevent damage during installation and operation Quick delivery of Nexans cables. All standard size cables are In-Stock and the ship Same Day RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS | Nexans Indoor Floor Warming Nexans electric radiant heating systems provide your family with cozy warmth and comfort. Warm Floors are a dream amenity for many people, and yet this luxurious comfort is affordable. Nexans cables can even be imbedded in your concrete slab and are ideal for a polished or stained finished concrete floor surface. Nexans electric radiant heating is safe, effective and costs up to 30% less than conventional systems for most residence applications and you get warm floor surfaces too! Other heating systems such as hot water, electric baseboard, radiators, and forced air systems will warm up some of the areas in a room, but these inferior systems fall far short when it comes to warming the floors and bathing you in the comfort of Electric Radiant heat. Nexans radiant floor heat is much more efficient and comfortable than the old-style heating systems. Because the heat starts at floor level and radiates up to warm all the air in the room, you get extreme comfort while setting your thermostat at a lower temperature than conventional systems. It is cleaner than forced air heat, too, since no mold or dust is circulated throughout the house. Radiant heat also allows you to warm only the areas that need heat, and it operates without moving parts or exposed heating elements. Warm Your Floor offer solutions for every floor covering type. Nexans Electric Floor Warming cable is ideal for slab and frame construction and hardwood floors. We will help you choose the perfect radiant floor heating system for your residential heating needs, whether you are remodeling or building a new home. Just contact us for help in choosing the right configuration for your home, or click on one of the following links for more information. Size Listing of Nexans Standard Floor Heating Cables