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RPM Mats

RPM Mats


RPM Mats are the lightweight alternative to backerboard, saving you time and energy.

  • Thinner installation (RPM = 5/16" vs. Backerboard = 1/2") helping you match up a variety of flooring materials.
  • Thermal Break over concrete slab.
  • Lightweight and durable recyled materials makes RPM Mats simple to use
  • Easy and mess-free to cut with a utility knife right on the job site.
  • Provide a customizable grid to evenly run floor heating wire under floors.
  • Heating wire sits below RPM studs, keeping you off the wire and unable to trip or pull out the heating wire during installation.
  • Reduces risk of damage to heat wire and integrity of floor heating system.
  • Wire stays below trowel level when spreading leveling cement.
  • Can be used with any brand of heat wire.

View RPM Mat installation guide.
RPM Wire-Spacing chart.

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