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Snow & Ice Melting

The secret to a shovel-free winter

It’s late November, the first snowfall of the season, and you’re coming home after a long day. The snow is falling as hard as you’ve been working, and there are already two feet of snow on the ground. But instead of gassing up the snowblower or grabbing the shovel, you pull right into your driveway. And you don’t need to worry about the mail carrier or your kids slipping on the concrete steps to your front door, because this winter, you’ve planned ahead and installed a complete maintenance-free snow-melting radiant heat system from Warm Your Floor. And today, the sensor you installed automatically activated the system before snow and ice had a chance to accumulate on your driveway.

The reality of a shovel-free winter can be yours. No more taking the snowblower in for maintenance, or pouring harsh chemicals and salts on your driveway that destroy landscaping and poison the environment. Instead, when winter hits, you can have snow-free, ice-free driveways and walkways with a fast-acting, efficient, maintenance-free radiant electric heating system from Warm Your Floor. Best of all, you can protect your family, pedestrians, guests and customers from slip-and-fall accidents at your home or business.

Whether you’re heating just a few stone steps or long concrete driveway, Warm Your Floor has a wide selection of products to keep your outdoor surfaces free of ice and snow this winter. From portable heated mats—safe for you and your pets to walk on—to heating cables or all-in-one mats that can be installed directly under stone, concrete, asphalt and pavers, Warm Your Floor has everything you need.

You can’t stop winter, but you can save your back with the convenience and safety of electric radiant heat from Warm Your Floor. Call us today to have a safer winter tomorrow.


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  1. ProMelt PM-824 Snow Sensor

    ProMelt PM-824 Snow Sensor

    Our Price
    Our Price: $527.00
    The PM-824 uses a remote (wired) moisture sensor to detect both precipitation and temperature to activate a Contractor Pro control panel to power ProMelt Mats or Cables. It is identical to the PM-224 except for the fact that its sensor is remote instead of being attached to the top of the unit. Learn More

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  2. Sensor Socket PM-091

    Sensor Socket PM-091

    Our Price
    Our Price: $264.00
    The Snow/Ice Sensor Socket PM-091 provides a mounting solution for the PM-090 slab sensor. It is intended to be installed directly into a concrete slab when the slab is poured, and the slab sensors are then installed into the sockets after the slab dries. Learn More
  3. ProMelt CP-50 Snow Melt Control Panel

    ProMelt CP-50 Snow Melt Control Panel

    Our Price
    Our Price: $476.00
    ProMelt Contactor Pro panels provide industry leading automatic snow melting and deicing control. For best results, it should be used in conjunction with a sensor, such as the PM-224, to regulate ProMelt Mats and Cables. Learn More
  4. Marker Plate Snow Melt WYF

    Marker Plate Snow Melt WYF

    Our Price
    Our Price: $59.00
    The ProMelt Snow Melting aluminum plaque mounts within the snow melting zone to permanently indicate where a snow melting system has been installed for enhanced safety. Building and Electrical codes typically require 1 visible marker per 400 Square Feet or separate area. Installing these permanent marker plates where they will be clearly visible is a good safety practice and help remind workers and future owners that electrical snow melting wires are installed within the surface. Learn More
  5. Sensor Wire 10K For DualTemp Thermostat

    Sensor Wire 10K For DualTemp Thermostat

    Our Price
    Our Price: $14.00
    Sensor Wire 10K For DualTemp Thermostat, Model: 500802 , MPN: 500802 by Watts Radiant for only $14.00. Learn More

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  6. Slab Sensor PM-072

    Slab Sensor PM-072

    Our Price
    Our Price: $148.00
    The PM-072 Slab Sensor is designed to measure temperature in outdoor slabs and pavers. Its high density polyethylene (HDPE) sleeve makes it perfect for use in conduits, soils, or concrete, as it is suitable for direct burial. Learn More
  7. Loudmouth Monitor Alarm for SunTouch installation

    Loudmouth Monitor Alarm for SunTouch installation

    Our Price
    Our Price: $21.00
    The SunTouch LoudMouth Monitor sounds an alarm if the SunTouch Heating Wire is cut or damaged, allowing for easy repair BEFORE the mat is covered with Mortar & Tile. We highly recommend the LoudMouth invented and patented by SunTouch. Learn More
  8. ProMelt PM-DP Display Panel

    ProMelt PM-DP Display Panel

    Our Price
    Our Price: $176.00
    The PM-DP brings control and monitoring of your snow melt system indoors. One glance at the display confirms the system has successfully triggered and is operating. Learn More
  9. ProMelt Outdoor Heating Control, PM-519

    ProMelt Outdoor Heating Control, PM-519

    Our Price
    Our Price: $325.00
    The PM-519 Radiant Thermostat accurately controls the temperature for patios and other outdoor radiant floor heated areas. With its simple Up and Down buttons and large type display, this floor thermostat is easy to use. A Slab Sensor 079 is included with each unit to accurately measure and manage floor temperature to protect the floor from overheating and achieve optimal levels of comfort. Learn More
  10. GPT-3 Adj Thermostat 120-277V

    GPT-3 Adj Thermostat 120-277V

    Our Price

    List Price: $1,250.00

    Our Price: $1,008.00

    The GPT-3 Freeze Protection Thermostat is designed as an alternative to electromechanical thermostats and high cost single and multi-channel temperature controls. It has a set point temperature range between 41F and 77F (5C and 25C) which is an ideal range for freeze protection applications. Learn More

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