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Heated Driveways

Heated Driveways

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Heated Driveways and Heated Walkways are a reality. Our electric snow melting products work with any surface - Concrete, Asphalt, Stone or Pavers can all become Snow Free! We have the Best Selection of Products to prevent snow accumulation or Ice formation. 

Why Choose Electric Snow Melting? The advantages of a heated driveway are numerous...

  • Fast and Effortless snow removal means NO MORE SHOVELING SNOW
  • Electric Radiant Snow Melting requires No maintenance and is extremely efficient
  • Eliminate nasty ice melting chemicals / salt that destroys driveways, landscaping and poisons the environment
  • Safe for you and your pets protected by GFCI circuit breakers
  • Increased safety by reducing accidental falls or sliding vehicles
  • Elimination of property & landscaping damage; no snow plows ruining concrete, pavers or asphalt
  • Did I say "no more shoveling"?
  • Flexibility : Heat large areas (like a 400 Ft long driveway) or small areas (a 5 ft walkway with 2 steps) even if they have an irregular shape Read More

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