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Residential HeatTrak Mats

Residential HeatTrak Mats

HeatTrak's Residential Heated Snow-Melting Mats for stairs & walkways are a terrific solution for your home.

  • Buy a Mat & Power Unit, Open the box & Plug in to start Melting Snow on contact.
  • Melts 2" falling snow per hour to prevent accumulation of snow and ice on steps & walkways outside your home.
  • Connect multiple Residential Mats & Stairs to each other, but not to Industrial Mats
  • Standard Sizes only as listed, no Custom Residential mats (Industrial Mats CAN be made in custom lengths)
  • Mats have built-in cables to connect up to 15 Stair, 5 Walkways, or a combo on a single Power Unit (12.5 Amps or less).
  • Each set of Mats requires an HR-P Power Unit to connect the system to a 120v electrical outlet. If you do not buy a power unit, your system will not work
  • 1/4 inch thick Specialty ThermoPlastic construction is flame retardant

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