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ProMelt 120V Cable

ProMelt™ Snow and Ice melting cables in 42 length options are a lower cost solution for Snow & Ice Melting than the easier to install ProMelt MATS. ProMelt Electric Radiant Heat cables for outdoor installation Heated Driveways, Heated Walkways and heated sidewalks are safer and can be automated for your convenience.

ProMelt Cables are Made in America and are ideal for odd shaped areas. With more sizes than anyone our world-class snow melting cable is constructed with top quality insulation and wire material to ensure job-site durability, safety, and long life. A 20' grounded power lead is standard on every ProMelt Cable to reach your power connection and since ProMelt uses the Dual Wire technology invented by SunTouch there is NO return wire from the end of the cable for the most and easiest layout options.

Each cable will heat a driveway or walkway of between 8 and 150 Sq Ft; multiple cables can be combined by running them in parallel to the control panel or by using junction boxes. Offered in 240 (most popular), 120, 208 or 277 VAC options we have more choices than any other manufacturer.

The ProMelt Snow and Ice melting system for all your walking or driving surfaces is brought to you by SunTouch a division of Watts Radiant. SunTouch is the leader in Indoor Floor Heating and now offers the Number One solution for outdoors as well. Choose ProMelt made in America for American Homes.