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ProMelt PM-224 Snow Sensor

Item Number: 300224

MFR Part No: 300224

Alternate Part Number: DS-224

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Snow and ice melting systems operate best when they are connected to automatic controls.

The PM-224 sensor detects the combination of precipitation PLUS low temperature to activate a Contractor Pro control panel which in turns provides power to ProMelt Mats or Cables. It is meant to be pole-mounted open to the sky and elements and has a heated moisture sensor mounted on its top.

This Low voltage control cannot operate alone – it must be connected to and powered by a contactor control panel. For standalone operation, choose the PM-2B or PM-5 sensor-controllers.

PM-224 provides integrated air and moisture detection within a rainproof and ice-resistant enclosure. The integrated snow sensor is heated to allow for snow, ice, or freezing rain to melt, allowing proper detection of environmental conditions.

  • 3 operating modes : On-Automatic, On-Manual, Off-standby-reset
  • Low voltage operation (22-28 VAC) and is powered by the CP series panels
  • Connection to a ProMelt CP panel allows control of 250 – 1250 Sq Ft of snow melting, or more.
  • Automatic Activation means lower costs for deicing and snow melting
  • Reliable Rain and Snow Detection
  • Easy Installation with many user configurable options
  • Adjustable temperature and delay settings PLUS exclusive sensitivity control adjustment
  • Removable cover (4 screws) provides full access to all electronics and settings
  • 1 year warranty with many replaceable components and fuse
  • Housed in a sturdy NEMA 3R enclosure rated for outdoor use that is 5"x7"x3"
  • All internal electronic components are specified for -40°C to +85°C operation.

The ProMelt PM-224 offers automatic activation, rain/snow detection, adjustable trigger temperature, and a drying cycle, as well as manual operation. It must be connected to our Contractor Pro series of contactor panels.

We recommend adding the optional PM-DP remote ProMelt Display Panel for the easiest monitoring and control of your PM-224 sensor. The PM-DP wired remote is a great upgrade and is sold separately.

Brand Name SunTouch Floor Warming
Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Watts Radiant