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SunTouch DualTemp Air/Floor Thermostat, 24V (Patio Heating Only)

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The SunTouch Watts Radiant ProMelt Digital DualTemp P-3285s thermostat is a Non-programmable heat-only thermostat with the ability to monitor surface temperature (using floor sensor 500802 sold separately) and works in conjunction with a CP Panel for outdoor patio heating. This Stat is also used for indoor hydronic heating

The DualTemp is manually set to maintain a desired floor temperature with a min/max floor temperature range. Simple to set and operate, the Floor (patio surface) temperature are adjustable from 41 degrees F to 99 degrees F. The Digital DualTemp also includes a manual 7 degree F temperature setback feature.

The 24v DualTemp is a three-wire thermostat. It must be powered from the same external 24-VAC transformer that powers the relay coil built-in to the CP-series of panels. It does not operate alone or on line voltage power.

This thermostat must be mounted INDOORS and the sensor wire run to the outdoor surface that is to be heated/monitored. Since it operates on 24v, the DualTemp P-3285 must be used in conjunction with a Contactor Pro panel to control a patio heating system.

Remember to order the floor sensor 500802 separately.

  • Low voltage operation (24 VAC) and is powered by the CP series panels
  • Connection to a ProMelt CP panel allows control of 250 - 1250 Sq Ft of patio heating, or more.
  • Simple push button operation
  • Compact size


Brand Name SunTouch Floor Warming
Voltage No
Visible Depth No
Inside Box Width No
Inside Box Height No
Inside Box Depth No
LCD Display Size Ht No
LCD Display Size Width No
Dial Size (diameter) No
Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation No
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps
  1. To mount the thermostat, remove the thermostat cover by removing the white Screw Cover (located in the center of the thermostat cover) and the Cover Screw.
  2. Secure the Base Unit to the wall. Be sure to feed the electrical wiring (18-3 or 18-4) through the provided slot in the Base Unit and connect to appropriate terminal block(s).
  3. Replace the Cover, Cover Screw and Screw Cover.
  4. If floor sensing is desired, be sure to order the 500802 sensor; then connect floor sensor to the corresponding floor sensor terminals (labeled NTC, the first two terminals on the right terminal block).
Electrical Box Recommended Size No
Width No
Height No
Depth No
Unit and wires protrude into box No
Floor Sensor Included No
Floor Sensor Length Ft No
Floor Sensor Length Meters No
Floor Sensor Type No
Floor Sensor Resistance Range (@ 20,000) No
Floor Temperature Sensing Primary No
Ambient Air Temperature sensing Mode No
Ambient Air w/ Floor Temp option No
Location / Use : Indoor Only Outdoor Only
Outside temp and humidity sensor option (purchased separately) No
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) No
Skill Level No
Installation Layout Map customized for my project No
More Details

More Details

Why Helps No
Warranty from Manufacturer No
Remote Control Compatible No
Control Multiple areas No
Remote control Mode No
Home Automation Integration No
Smart Technology/Early Start No
Manual Temperature Override Possible No
On/Off Switch for complete shutdown @ end of heating season No
Regulator Mode option No
Heating Cycle length No
Safety Listing No
Canadian Electric Code reference No
National Electric Code reference No
Programming Method No
Packaging No
Pre-Loaded program options No
User Settable program No
7 Day Prog (Su - Sa) No
5-2 Program (M-F + S-S) No
5 - 1 - 1 Prog (M-F - Sa - Su) No
Programming Saved Indefinitely (or number of hours) No
Time / Date settings retained during power outage No
No Battery Required No
Minimum Display Temp No
Maximum Display Temp No
Accuracy Degrees F No
Floor sensor Connection No
Electrical Connections No
Operating Temperature Range (degrees F) No
Minimum Setting Temp No
Maximum Setting Temp No
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Benefits No
Made In USA Made in USA

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