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ProMelt Mats

ProMelt™ Mats in 2 & 3 Ft widths are the easiest solution for Snow & Ice Melting. ProMelt Electric Radiant Heat mats for outdoor installation provide Snow & Ice Melting. Heated Driveways, Heated Walkways and heated sidewalks are safer and are usually automatically activated for your convenience. Available in 50 and 38 Watts/SF in voltages of 120,240,208 and 277 VAC.

ProMelt Mats are Made in America and install easier and quicker than a Cable system. With more sizes (66 standards) than anyone our mats use a world-class snow melting cable attached to a reinforced tape grid. The 20' grounded power lead comes off one corner (no return wire) and each mat covers from 9 to 112 Sq Ft; multiple mats can be combined by running them in parallel to the control panel or by using junction boxes. ProMelt Mats are permanently installed in your new Concrete, Pavers, Asphalt or Tile/Stone to provide a heated Driveway, walkway or sidewalk 

The ProMelt Snow and Ice melting system for all your walking surfaces is brought to you by SunTouch a division of Watts Radiant. SunTouch is the leader in Indoor Floor Heating and now offers the Number One solution for outdoors as well. Choose ProMelt made in America for American Homes.

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