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SunStat View Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat Model 500750

Item Number: 500750

MFR Part No: 81014977

Alternate Part Number: 500750, 500750BB, 500750SB

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Recent Reviews

Overall Product Rating:

(4 out of 5)

By: Al Mac

Oct 18, 2015

Good Customer Service - Floor Sensor Issue

Our floor was just over three years old. After an extensive investigation, it appears the floor sensor went bad and kept the floor heat turned on for a long time. this in turn caused the load side wire nuts to burn and they burned into the thermostat. I only know something was bad when I seen the thermostat reboot and then shut down. I pulled the thermostat out of the wall and found the burning which would have started a fire if the GFI in the thermostat did not work. So, I suggest to solder the load side wire nut connections (stranded wires from the thermostat to the floor). the source side solid wires were tight so I am assuming the stranded side just got loose with cycling on and off over the years. Warm Your Floor sends you to the manufacturer distributor for replacement. The manufacturer just sent out a new unit no problem. I would also install two floor sensors. Have one rolled up in your thermoset box for a spare. this way you will not have to break up your floor for replacement of a new sensor - it will be there. I was told from the installer that other installers have had the same sensor problem and as luck had it, I was his first.
Also, wish they would indicated what the heating temperature bandwidth is. Our floor is set a 80 degrees during the morning but it likes to stay around 82 to 83 degrees. I checked the floor temperature with a separate thermometer. the Sunstat and the separate thermostat read the same temperature. So, it is not a calibration issue.
Even with all this that took place, I will still recommend the product.

Overall Product Rating:

(5 out of 5)

By: Steve

Jul 13, 2015

Works perfectly fine

I usually use the non programmable thermostat for my customers, but my customer wanted a programmable one. It was no problem installing and it is working great.

Overall Product Rating:

(5 out of 5)

By: Scott S

Mar 25, 2015

Easy to install and works great

So easy to install and it looks sleek on my wall. Easy to program, I have it turned on in the morning for 3 hours and again for 3 hours in the evening. The rest of the time the floor is maintained at 68 degrees to save energy when we aren't home to use the kitchen. You can program it to be different every day if your schedule is ever changing. Or just simply over ride it to warm your toes as you see fit.

Overall Product Rating:

(5 out of 5)

By: Ray R

Feb 16, 2015

I would definitely recommend this thermostat due to ease of use.

I purchased this thermostat to replace an older one I had that stopped working. The new touchscreen programmable thermostat model is very easy to use and set up with a variety of programming options.

I would definitely recommend this thermostat due to ease of use.

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