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Thermostat control is vital for floor heating systems. Whether you want a thermostat you can set and program from your smartphone or a simple on/off dial control thermostat, we have the perfect stat for you. Aside from allowing you to set the temperature of your floor for maximum comfort, each thermostat also has built-in GFCI protection for your safety. Each thermostat has a maximum load of 15 AMPs, requires a dedicated circuit and can be used with either Nuheat or SunTouch heating elements.

Both programmable and non-programmable thermostats are available, but we strongly suggest using a programmable stat as they learn to compensate for the startup time of any system after a week or two of operation.

We noticed you put items with 2 different voltages in your cart.
You probably already knew that; this is a friendly reminder…
Voltage rating of floor heating system MUST ALWAYS MATCH power supply voltage of circuit,
even if a Dual 120/240 Voltage Thermostat is selected. Please double check before ordering.