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Extra SunStat Sensor Wire For All SunTouch Thermostats 15 Ft Long

Item Number: 500110

MFR Part No: 500110

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SunStat Sensor Wire is 15 Ft Long For Programmable or Non-Programmable Thermostats.

1 Sensor is included with each thermostat.

Customers ask: Do I need an extra floor sensor wire? We formerly recommended it. But, if you CHECK the resistance of the sensor, as indicated in the instructions, we don't feel it's necessary. Each sensor is labeled with instructions.

Some customers orders an extra sensor for 'peace of mind'. Although it is extremely rare for a sensor to fail, they think it is a reasonable precaution to install 2 sensor wires and they consider it cheap insurance.

If you choose to purchase 2 sensors, run both sensors from the control box to the floor below and then place them between the heating elements 12 inches or more into the heated portion of the floor. You can put them side by side, but connect only one to the thermostat control. If you ever need to replace a faulty sensor, you will have one at your fingertips; simply disconnect one, and connect the back-up.

All of our controls include a sensor wire; however, a spare can come in handy if yours gets lost or damaged during installation.

Each Thermostat Manufacturer uses a different sensor wire.

Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Brand Name SunTouch Floor Warming
Weight 1.0000