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Thermostats and Controls for Electric Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Warm Your Floor offers Floor Heat Thermostats & Controls from only the leading manufacturers. All of our thermostats and controls have BUILT-IN GFCI protection for your safety. Others sell controls that do NOT offer this protection. Be safe - insist on safety for you and your family and choose controls for your floor heating system that are full featured, economical, energy star rated and have GFCI protection.

Compare Thermostats In this chart  You can view, print or Download this chart

Our Most popular Thermostat is the SunStat PRO 500670  Buy It Now The SunStat PRO is fully programmable, easy to program and attractive.

SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions

SunStat System Features and Information

Want to control Over 300 Sq Feet in 1 zone ? Check out the SunTouch SunStat SubControls.

SunStat Sub Control 500680 Instructions PDF Print, Read or save

Using SubControls (Relays) you can control up to 15 Amps of Floor Heating per SubControl Relay by running low voltage wire from unit to unit and ending at the SunStat PRO. All SubControls connected to the same SunStat PRO run the same program as the PRO Thermostat acting as master. Each Subcontrol requires it's own circuit and the power line comes into the relay (LINE) and the floor heating connects to the LOAD side of the relay.If you want to control zones using different temperatures or times, you need multiple SunStats.

Instructions for Non-Programmable Thermostat Controls

SunStat Non-Program LCD Digital Model 500675

SunTouch Basic Dial Control 500550-120 Instructions

SunStat 500710 Non-Programmable Dial Control

Other Popular Thermostats

Harmony Thermostat Installation & Programming Guide


Discontinued & Older Model Thermostat Instructions


 SunTouch FloorStat 500650-120 (or 240v) (2005 - 2008)

unTouch FloorStat 500600-120 (or 240v) (2002-2006)

Nuheat NTG-5110 or -5220 (2005-2009)

OJ UCxx-9991 Thermostat Instructions (recalled for 240v applications in 2009)

Instrucciones en Espanol

SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions in Spanish

SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control in Spanish

SunStat Non-Program 500675 in Spanish


SunStat PRO (500680) Instructions in Spanish

Harmony Thermostat Installation & Programming Guide in Spanish

Tools for Testing / Monitoring Installation

DVM-810 Digital Multi Meter Instructions (required to test Ohm Readings)

Loud Mouth Installation Monitor Instructions

MatSense Pro Instructions (Nuheat Installation Monitor)