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WarmWire 140 Sq Ft 240V Radiant Floor Heating Cable

Item Number: 240140WD

Alternate Part Number: DISCONTINUED


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Availability: Out of stock

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The 240140WD WarmWire 140 Sq Ft 240V Radiant Floor Heating Cable is easy to install.

Voltage 240 VAC
How to choose 120 or 240 Volt Same Energy efficiency & same Watts/SF. More Sq Footage per circuit with 240v
Watts Per SF 12 Watts per Sq Foot @ 2.5" in. inch spacing
Heat Output BTUs per SF 41 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour @ 2.5" in. inch spacing
Heating Power : Total BTU's 5740 BTU total
Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Brand Name SunTouch Warm Wire
Power Lead Type Armored, NEC color code, Single point connection at 1 corner of mat. No return wire like inferior products
Power Lead Length 10 Feet
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) 14 AWG
Packaging Easy Open Cardboard - no frustration. Easy to dispense wire from box
Product Thickness 1/8" - 3/16" (nominal) Shorter cables are thinner.
Heating Wire Spacing 2" - 2.5" - 3" on center
Minimum Bend Radius 1/2" 0.50 inch
Weight 14.9500
Ohms Reading (resistance value) 29-36 ohms
ZERO* EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Yes. Verified by Independent Testing Laboratory as ultra low.
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation SunStat Floor sensing thermostat
Conduit required for Power Leads Conduit is not required for Power Leads
Width of heating area Feet Variable - you determine layout width, length, shape

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(5 out of 5)

By: kgkraus

Dec 13, 2013

Great product! Very easy installation

I put Warmwire in my basement bar area. It is incredibly easy to install. Just map out the floor, tape down the tracks and wind the wire. I poured self leveling compound over it and then laid a vinyl floating floor over it. It was one of the easiest home improvement jobs I've done. Now we enjoy the taosty floor under our feet. I will never wear shoes down there again.