Digital Multimeter (Measures Floor Heating System Resistance in Ohms)

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Our Digital Multimeter is used to check resistance (ohms Ω) of Electric Floor Heating elements before, during, and after Installation, as required by the installation manual. All Electric Floor Heating installations require the use of a digital Multi Meter (aka Ohm meter - must be digital - no needles/dials). We offer this low cost meter for your convenience, in case you don’t have your own.

Dial your meter to ' 200 ' for most rooms (the smallest heating elements need a meter setting of 2,000 or 2K )

To check the Thermostat's Sensor Wire, set the meter on the range marked ' 20K ' or 20,000.

We buy these meters in large quantity so we can offer them to you at this GREAT PRICE. Get accurate readings for:

  • Resistance - this is what you need for Floor Heating installations
  • AC / DC voltage
  • Current (amperage)
  • Other functions include transistor test, diode test, etc.
  • 2 test probe leads included
  • Battery included and installed
UPC 837013405085
Manufacturer CEN-TECH
What's In The Box Multi Meter, 2 test leads, 9V battery
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