Extra Sensor Wire for all OJ Microline/QuietWarmth Thermostats · 15'

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Thin floor sensor with stiff wire suitable for OJ MIcroline or QuietWarmth branded floor heating thermostat controls.

  • Flat wire, 20mm thick, 15 feet long
  • NTC 10k sensor element
  • PVC cable jacket & molding
  • Operates at -4/+158°F (-20/+70 °C)
  • GFCI for USA & Canada incl. EGFPD
Install Steps

Installation Recommendations

It is strongly recommended to insert the cable and sensor into a nonconductive conduit embedded in the floor.  The end of the conduit must be sealed and the conduit placed as high as possible in the concrete layer.  Alternatively, the sensor can be embedded directly in the floor.  The floor sensor must be centered between loops of heating cable.

The two wires from the sensor to the thermostat must be kept separate from high voltage wires/cables. Place the sensor cable in a separate conduit or segregate it from power cables in some other way. Never use two vacant wires in a multi-core cable.

Installation must comply with national and/or local electrical codes.


NTC 10 kΩ Resistance Table


UPC 840213091095
Manufacturer Watts Radiant
What's In The Box 1 SunStat Sensor Wire
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