FloorStat Dial Control Thermostat by SunTouch

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The FloorStat 500550 has been discontinued and replaced with the SunStat Core.

Main features associated with the FloorStat:

• Dial Control plus On/Standby switch for activating “sleep” mode when not in use
• Microprocessor and proportionalintegral adaptive (PIA) temperature control technology
• Remote input which allows connection of a telephone controller or any other remote control system.
(When a signal is received through this input, the FloorStat automatically lowersthe setpoint by 3.5°C)
• 1 year manufacturer warranty

Floor Sensor Length Ft 12' Sensor 15' Power Lead
GFCI / GFEP Protection 5 mA Class A Built In - With Test Button Feature
Manual Override n/a
Warranty from Manufacturer 1 yr
Senses Ambient Air Temperature no
Senses Ambient Air w/ Floor Temp option no
Programming Method None, On/Off - Temp Set Only
Thermostat Type Non-Programmable
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