Top 10 Ideas for Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Dream Oasis

Some of our favorite bathrooms look like a luxurious and comfortable living room that happens to be equipped with a bathtub and a sink. As an ideal retreat for relaxation, contemplation and refueling within your home, your bathroom can become a haven of opulence and warmth.

If you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation, here’s a countdown of our top ideas that can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

10. Steam shower

Nothing can make your bathroom feel more spa-like than converting your shower to double as a steam shower. Imagine luxuriating in a soothing cloud of eucalyptus-scented steam at the touch of a button. The system involves a steam generator that holds roughly one gallon of water. When it is activated, an electric element heats the water, much like a kettle, sending vapor to the steam head in the shower stall. A 20-minute steam consumes roughly 2 gallons of water. After your soothing steam, merely turn on the shower for an invigorating rinse.

9. Frameless glass shower

While we’re on the subject of shower stalls, converting your shower to a frameless glass enclosure will provide a more spacious and open look to your bathroom. A frameless glass shower gives the bathroom a unified appearance with no boundaries.

8. Heated towel bars

Warmth and comfort in your bathroom are the primary goal. Reaching for a warm, plush towel when you step out of the tub or shower is a wonderful way to add to that comfort. A relatively inexpensive addition to any bathroom, some of the latest models are equipped with a Wi-Fi feature allowing them to be turned on remotely.

7. Floating vanities

Another recent trend in bathroom design that we love is the floating vanity. By creating space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor, this feature will update the look of any bathroom and give it a more open and airy feel. This is accomplished by sending the requisite plumbing through the wall instead of the floor, the way it is with standard vanities.

6. Chandeliers

One of the best ways to add an element of glamor and elegance to your bathroom is to install a chandelier. A chandelier can be a romantic lighting source for your bathroom, however, a word of caution: make sure it is installed in accordance with all safety codes and that you take moisture into account.


5. Comfortable seating

If your aim is to create a bathroom that is every bit as comfortable as any other room in your home, incorporating beautiful, upholstered furniture in your design will go a long way toward accomplishing that. Be sure to use water-resistant fabrics and materials. You can also add other pieces of accent furniture to create the desired effect. You will have a wonderful spot to read, as your bathtub fills up and to comfortably towel yourself off afterwards.

4. Windows and skylights

To add an element of nature to your bathroom environment, there is nothing better than natural sunlight. Incorporating large windows in your bathroom design helps to bring the outdoors in. If your bathroom’s location makes large windows impractical, consider skylights as a great way to fill your bathroom with sunshine.

3. Entertainment Center

If you really want to turn your bathroom into an oasis retreat within your home, including entertainment features may be just what you need to while away the hours soaking in the tub. Low-voltage, water-resistant televisions are now available for installation in bathrooms. You can also add a high-quality audio system with in-wall speakers so you can enjoy your favorite tunes.

2. Fireplace

Few features can make a room feel more cozy and luxurious than a fireplace. Can you picture yourself enjoying your warm, soothing bath, perhaps with a glass of wine by a roaring fire? It’s hard to imagine anything more relaxing.

1. Radiant Heated Floor

Can you picture yourself enjoying a bathroom with all of these features, or at least a few of your favorites? Can you imagine the soothing and relaxing effects of a steam in your new steam shower or a soak in the tub in front of the fire?


Now could you imagine how the wonderful, rejuvenating effects your new spa might be ruined if you stepped out on to a freezing cold tile floor?


In our view, there is no better way to make any bathroom more comfortable and luxurious than by adding an electric radiant-heat flooring system. No matter if it is is ceramic tile, stone, wood or laminate, radiant floor heating is an efficient way to keep your bathroom floor, and indeed the entire bathroom perfectly warm and cozy, particularly on those cold winter days.

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