Low Price Guarantee

Buy now with confidence - Find a Lower Price and We will Match It

We work hard to save you money every day and we believe we have the lowest prices on our Floor Heating Products, all of which are In Stock, for immediate shipment, and we back it up with our Guaranteed Low Price.

How it works

If you find a lower price from an authorized reseller and are ready to buy…

  •  Email us a Link (URL) to the webpage or competitor's advertisement for an identical new product in stock, and we will match the price displayed
  •  Place your order online and then Email us the details; we will credit you the difference between our price and the lower price you found
  •  Or, Call us and place the order and we will confirm the price with you on the phone

If you find a lower price elsewhere within 3 days, just let us know…

  • Email us the URL for the exact item with your order details within 72 Hours of your order
  • We will credit you the difference to your Credit Card or PayPal and email you a confirmation
  • Free shipping, free items, or other promotions must be taken into consideration as part of price.

Have a Coupon or special offer from someone else? Contact us and we will do our best to honor it.

We really want your business, but occasionally we cannot do it; we'll let you know immediately and tell you why. For example: pricing errors, clearance, or used items.

Remember, Warm Your Floor is an AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR of all the items we sell and you receive the Full Manufacturer Warranty. Often low prices are from unauthorized sellers and may have high restock fees, and no return policy with No Warranty.