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Radiant floor heating is a natural addition to kitchen and bath remodels, so the upgrade makes sense to the homeowner and is easy to sell. Your customers will be surprised at how safe, easy, and inexpensive it is to add a floor warming system to their bathroom or kitchen remodel ($500-750 for an average bath project).

Considering the comfort and value it adds to their home, and the small percentage of overall cost, homeowners feel the return on their investment is well worth it! And it’s one of those added touches that translates into increased customer satisfaction when the project is complete.

We have Heated Displays, Samples and Literature available to make selling our products easy for YOU. Call us for the options.

Most Contractors choose a MAT system for quick and easy installation. Typically Pro Contractors will charge $3 - $5 per Sq Ft for installation of the mat systems, subject to whatever your trip minimum is.