RPM-330 Radiant Positioning Mat 5/16" x 20" x 44" (6.11 Sq Ft)

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RPM Mats make the installation of floor heating cable fast and easy when using self leveling mortar. RPM Mats are 20” x 44” and Made in the USA from Heavy Duty 60 mil ABS plastic (80%+ recycled materials) but weigh only 2.0 lbs. Our most popular thickness is 5/16” and has been used to install thousands of WarmWire® projects providing a lightweight, quick and clean option to a traditional backer board and cable guide strap installation. Simply thread the floor heating cable of your choice (not included) onto the grid between the studs at your desired spacing and it sits safely and securely 1/8” below the top of the studs so your installation is protected from traffic and tools. Once filled with cement leveling mortar your floor has a Lab tested and approved “heavy” rating with a lower profile than ¼” backerboard. Plus it is lighter weight and installs in half the steps! On concrete slabs, it’s rated “High Performance” as an anti-fracture membrane in testing. Studs are ½” in diameter and spaced at 1”.

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Install Steps

RPM-330 Plywood installation summary:

Read Complete RPM Mats installation instructions for Plywood or OSB

  1. 1. Spread Roberts 2001 Adhesive on Plywood using 1/8x1/8 v-notch trowel
  2. 2. Cut & Lay RPM mats into adhesive, lining up studs and butting sheets together without overlap
  3. 3. Staple to plywood subfloor per instructions; staple spacing varies
  4. 4. Install Floor Heating Cable following manufacturer’s instructions using our wire spacing chart. 
  5. 5. After 24 Hours, cover with bonding agent and Self Leveler (Wait 24 hrs after adhesive spread to pour self leveler)


RPM-330 Concrete Installation summary:

Read Complete RPM Mats installation instructions for concrete

  1. 1. Spread Bostik Ultra Set Advanced, a pro grade adhesive on slab using 1/8x1/8 v-notch trowel
  2. 2. Fit and set RPM mats into adhesive butted to each other, cutting as needed, keeping studs aligned
  3. 3. Wait 24 Hours before installing cable and leveling
  4. 4. Lay floor heating cable per manufacturer’s instructions, apply bonding agent and pour self leveler to cover

Download Wire Spacing Chart for 2.0 – 2.5 – 3.0 inch options 



Manufacturer CMX Radiant Corp.
Size in Feet 1.66'ft. x 3.66'ft. (6.1 sq. ft.)
Size in Inches 20"in. x 44"in. (880 sq. in.)
Size in Meters 0.6 m x 1.22 m (0.73 sq. m.)
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 years
What's In The Box 1 RPM mat, instructions
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