Schluter DITRA-HEAT Kit with 27 sq ft Cable, 43 sq ft Membrane, Programmable Thermostat (120V)

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The smaller of the two Schluter Systems kits, this DITRA-HEAT Kit contains everything you need to install your DITRA-HEAT floor heating system:

       1 DITRA-HEAT Cable - 26.7 sq ft

       5 DITRA-HEAT Uncoupling Membrane sheets - 43.1 sq ft
(needed to install the cable) 
  1 DHERSD/BW Programmable Thermostat
(push button, non-touchscreen)

       2 Sensor Wires

This is an all-inclusive package for one-stop shopping!

If you are looking for a kit in a different size or voltage, please don't hesitate to call.

Instruction Manual Link

DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook

Install Steps

All substrates must be clean, even, and load bearing. Bond inhibiting surfaces must be removed prior to the application of DITRA-HEAT. For complete installation guidelines and warranty criteria, please refer to the downloadable Instruction Manual (↖ linked above) or to the installation video online.

Note: Type, thickness, and format of the tile or stone surface covering must be at least 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm).

Indoor / Outdoor

INTERIOR floor heating application only. Embedded in mortar or self leveler only

Maximum Circuit Load

15 A

Maximum Circuit Overload Protection

20 A breaker

Distance from Toilet

6 inches from wax ring

UPC 4011832146145
Manufacturer Schluter-Systems
Safety Listing Listed under CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 130-03.
Voltage 120 VAC
Cable Length 88.2 ft
Cable Length (inches) 1058.4
Cable Length (meters) 26.9
Heated Area Size Covered 27
Wattage per SF 12.75
Total Watts 338
Amp Draw 2.8
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 43.5
Heating Power Output Total 1153.30 BTU/h/ft2
What's In The Box (1) 26.7 sq ft DITRA HEAT Cable, 5 DITRA HEAT Membrane Sheets, and 1 programmable thermostat
Warranty from Manufacturer DITRA-HEAT cable (DHEHK12027): 10-year limited warranty
DITRA-HEAT membrane sheets (DH5MA): 10-year limited warranty
DITRA-HEAT push-button programmable thermostat (DHERSD/BW): 3-year limited warranty
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