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RPM Standard Mats

RPM Mat Stud

Make threading your heat cables easy and efficient with new RPM Mats.

RPM Mats are the newest and easiest way to get started on your floor heating project! The material is lightweight yet durable 60 mil ABS plastic. It would take approximately 6 tons of weight to compress the mat studs! The studs are 1” spaced, making it simple to thread heat cable back and forth evenly at a distance of 2”, 2.5”, or 3” apart. Heat wire sits below the top of the studs, keeping the cable better protected during the installation process. RPM Mats act as an insulation over concrete, so the heat cable’s energy is directed toward the surface of the flooring rather than heating up the concrete. Now the heat wire is more energy efficient and the surface of the floor is dramatically warmer. Self-leveling cement can be poured into the RPM mats, and the top of the studs act as a screeding surface. During the floor removal process, the heat cable will remain protected from floor removal devices.


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RPM Standard Mats

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