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SunStat Sub Control Relay for extending your system beyond 15 amps

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The SunTouch 500680 SunStat Relay is designed to control the voltage to either a 120VAC or 240VAC resistive floor warming system. It must be driven by a SunStat thermostat to operate, 500670 (programmable) or 500675 (non programmable). The 500680 Replaces the CT230-xxx SlaveStat models.

The Sunstat Relay allows you to expand an existing or new installation of SunTouch Floor Heating. You may drive up to 10 SunStat Relays with one SunStat thermostat acting as the Master control of all attached relays (up to 10). This allows 1 thermostat to control up to 10 circuits of floor warming.

This Relay is Dual Voltage for either 120v or 240v - You can't get it wrong! Power and floor heating is connected to each relay (just like a thermostat) and then low voltage wire connects each relay to the Thermostat.

When you use the Sunstat Relay with the NEW Programmable SunStat PRO control, these New Features provide the Ulitmate heated floor control.

  • Dual Voltage - 1 thermostat for Either 120v or 240 - never have the wrong thermostat on the job again.
  • Air-sensing Mode with a Floor Temperature override limit as an option
  • Regulator mode if sensor not connect or is damaged
  • "Master" Control Capability - Each SunStat Pro allows other SunStat Relays to be connected to it to expand your system
  • Class 2 Insulated Sensor ( 15' long) Wire which can run in the SAME CONDUIT as the power lead from your Floor Heater system
  • 5/1/1 Day Programming mode or manual option
  • Four Preset Schedules are included - choose one that suits you or program your own!
  • Usage Monitoring - Your SunTouch SunStat Pro can report the on time of your SunTouch Floor Heat system
  • 12 or 24 hour (military time) Display - your choice
  • SmartStat Technology
  • Easily Integrates with your home automation system (dry contact relay)

Other Features of the 500680 Relay when used with the 500670 SunStat Pro:

  • Temperature Range (floor) of 40 to 99 degrees F (5 to 37 Celsius)
  • Large Digital Display showing operation, mode, heat on/off, etc. LCD shows time and all functions
  • Temperature displays in either F or C
  • 15 Amp capacity to control up to 150 SF of SunTouch 120VAC mats per control and 300 SF of 240v SunTouch
  • Can connect to NEW remote FloorStat sub control relay 500680
  • Built-In Class A GFCI protection with GFCI test Light and button - 5 milliAmp trip
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • No Battery required - Your programming is saved in memory indefinitely
  • Manual Setback / Vacation Mode for quick switching to Economy setting when leaving for an extended time
  • MANUAL mode is also available to over-ride your program. Many customers like the look of this programmable model, but use it as a manual control

Included with Each SunStat Relay:

  • Small Screwdriver for making connection
  • Wirenuts for wiring connections
  • Mounting Screws
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Floor Temperature Sensing Primary floor temperature
Outside temp and humidity sensor option (purchased separately) n/a


UPC 840213091163
What's In The Box Relay
Voltage 120 VAC / 240 VAC
GFCI / GFEP Protection 5 mA Class A Built In, With Test Button Feature
Ambient Air Temperature no
Ambient Air & Floor Temperature no
Manual Override n/a
Home Automation Integration yes
Floor Sensor Length n/a
Floor Sensor Resistance Range 20,000
More Details

More Details

Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Warranty 2 yr
Smart Technology/Early Start no
Regulator Mode option no
Multi Gang with other switches? Not recommended
Programming Method Controlled only by T-stat
Pre-Loaded program options n/a
User Settable program n/a
7 Day Prog (Su - Sa) n/a
5-2 Program (M-F + S-S) n/a
5 - 1 - 1 Prog (M-F - Sa - Su) n/a
Programming Saved Indefinitely (or number of hours) n/a
No Battery Required No Battery Required
Location / Use : Indoor Only Indoor Dry Location Only
Floor Sensor Included no

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