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SunTouch Floor Heating Mat FAQ

Where is SunTouch Manufactured? 

Who is SunTouch?

What Makes SunTouch Unique?

Has Any Agency, Association or Regulatory Group Tested SunTouch?

I've heard of some electric radiant products burning out prematurely. How is SunTouch better than others?

Is there any advantage to a “low voltage” electric radiant system?

How far does the heat radiate from the Blue Wire?

Why Does SunTouch have only one connection at the beginning of the mat and other products have connections at each end of their product?

Your Power Lead has thicker wires than some competing products I've seen. Why?

How does a SunTouch electric radiant floor compare to a hydronic (water based) system?

What is EMF and what relevance does it have to electric floor warming?
Is SunTouch an efficient way to heat?

What's the warranty on SunTouch and how long do you think it will last?

Planning Your SunTouch Floor Warming Project

Are Custom Sizes Available from SunTouch?

Is SunTouch a primary heat source or is it supplemental heat?

Will SunTouch warm carpet or a floating wood floor? How about Laminate?

How about SunTouch & heating my sunroom?

240V vs. 120V - Are 120 volt SunTouch mats more efficient than 240 volt?

Thick Stone - Is 3/4" granite too thick or too heavy for SunTouch mats?

Are ALL Types & Sizes of tiles suitable for a SunTouch warm floor?

How close can I put my SunTouch mat to a wall, a toilet or other objects?

Do I need a drawing showing how SunTouch mats lay out in my bathroom? 

Besides baths and kitchens, what are other popular places for SunTouch?

Does it make sense to put SunTouch under carpet, Laminate or Wood?

If I install SunTouch in only part of my room, will I notice the cold areas?

How far will heat travel from each blue heating wire?

Can I use SunTouch mat for snow melting on outside concrete steps?

How do I size electrical service for my SunTouch system?

Installing SunTouch  

Is SunTouch Floor Heat Easy to Install?

What do I need for my SunTouch Floor Warming project?

How can I make the power leads (Cold Leads) longer? 

What gauge wire is appropriate if I decide to extend my Power Leads?

Can I put the sensor wire and the Power Leads in the same electrical conduit?

Installing the sensor Wire

Do I need Conduit?

Will residual dried glue from previous floor covering interfere with my SunTouch installation?

Can I install vinyl flooring and adhesive in direct contact over SunTouch?

Can SunTouch be installed over an isolation membrane or sound control membrane?

If I am using Schluter Ditra®  as an underlayment, does the SunTouch go over or underneath?

Can SunTouch be installed directly over old Linoleum or Vinyl and then covered with a ceramic tile floor?

Can I install SunTouch mats on top of an old ceramic tile floor?

Can I install SunTouch under vinyl flooring?

Can I install SunTouch mat directly over masonry?

Recommend leveling for my concrete floor before installing SunTouch?

Should I install aluminized radiant barriers under my SunTouch floor? Will that direct the radiant energy upwards?

Can you put SunTouch right on a plywood subfloor without backerboard?

What is the overall thickness of a SunTouch installation over an existing plywood floor?

If I install SunTouch in a portion of my floor, how do I spread thinset to make sure the finished tile is the same height everywhere?

Why do you recommend a 4 to 6 inch space between walls and the edge of the SunTouch mat?

How close to Windows, Doors, or room openings?

Can the blue heating wire be passed a wall so one continuous mat can serve two rooms? Does the blue wire have to be in the floor?

How do I shape the mat to fit my custom bathroom?

Why do I need to use a LoudMouth and an ohm meter to check the blue wire during installation?

Why do you recommend I wait up to 28 days to use my new SunTouch system after the thinset, tile and grout are installed?

If I have extra SunTouch mat at the end, can I cut the mat to a shorter size?

Can you recommend a thinset mortar?

If I put SunTouch over an existing uninsulated slab, will it perform well?

Can the LoudMouth monitor several mats at a time?

I've covered SunTouch mats with masonry. What adhesive do I use to adhere a cork floor?

What is the recommended procedure to apply thinset over the SunTouch mat?

How do I secure SunTouch to cement backerboard before applying thinset?

Can I apply a skim coat of thinset over my SunTouch, let it dry and then apply another coat before setting the tile?

What is the total height of the mat and thinset below a 1/2” thick stone floor?

Can I put SunTouch under the tub in my bathroom?

Can SunTouch be installed under wood floors, laminate flooring or under carpet?

How close to a toilet can SunTouch be installed?

Can a damaged heating wire be repaired on the jobsite?

Do I need an extra sensor?

I forgot to put the sensor in my floor - what do I do?

Why SunTouch Mats?

What is the typical operating temperature range for a SunTouch floor?

Can the SunTouch system in my sunroom keep up with sudden temperature changes outside?

What objects can I put on top of my SunTouch warmed tile?

Can one Thermostat control 2 or more separate SunTouch mats?

How important is insulation to the performance of my radiant system?

If I use SunTouch mats under a ceramic floor without a thermostat control, is there danger of fire?

How long does it take to warm my SunTouch floor from a cold start?

Will the heated area below SunTouch mat behave differently than the unheated area around it?

How much does my SunTouch system cost to operate?

How warm does my SunTouch floor get when it's operating?

How much electricity does my SunTouch mat use?