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SunTouch® Floor Warming Systems

Ideal for Bathroom, Kitchen, Tile and Stone Floors!


  • Easy To Install Electric Floor Warming;
  • ZERO Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Emission
  • Free Same Day Shipping on Orders Over $149;
  • Free Quote & Floor Plan Evaluation;
  • Free CAD Floor Plan Design;
  • 25 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Solid Manufacturer - 135 Years in Business!
  • NYSE listed (symbol WTS);
  • Manufactured in Springfield, MO, USA.
SunTouch Floor Warming

WarmWire Floor Heating System

FREE WarmWire Heating Cable Services Only From Warm Your Floor!

  • Free Shipping for WarmWire & Thermostat orders
  • Free no obligation review & quote of your floor plan
  • A catalog of example layouts and Free guidance with every WarmWire order
  • 25 year Warranty is backed by a $1.4 Billion USA manufacturer
  • Suntouch® manufactures WarmWire® and is a solid manufacturer for over 135 years — not a fly-by-night company who has been manufacturing for a few years as a business side line. Radiant Heating is all they do in their 142,000 Sq Foot factory MADE IN THE USA
  • NYSE listed and manufactured in Springfield, MO, USA
  • Easy To Install Electric Floor Warming
  • ZERO Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) emission for Your Safety Independently tested and verified


Snow & Ice Melting Systems by ProMelt

  • Ideal for Heated driveways, walkways, patios - big or small;
  • Works in any climate zone;
  • Made by a trusted US manufacturer established in 1874 – no one else compares!
  • The leader in Quality, Safety and Product Selection;
  • In-house engineering, design and manufacturing; complete control to ensure quality.

HeatTrak Residential Mats are in stock & Ready to Ship 

We can’t stop the snow, but with HeatTrak Mats you can prevent slippery walkways and steps at your home or office.We ship Residential mats direct to you from our large inventory; no waiting, no middleman

The Factory is gearing up for this Winter's Industrial Mat production and products are available to ship in 2-3 weeks. Please call & we will confirm current delivery time for your needs.

HeatTrak Heated Snow Melt Mats

HeatTrak Mats simply lay on top of the area you want free of snow and ice accumulation for clear and safer surfaces.  Foot Traffic Only

Read More About HeatTrak Mats...Click here 


Nuheat Floor Heating Systems

Enjoy the comfort of warm floors with
Nuheat Electric Floor Heating Systems.

Nuheat Mat is an efficient heating solution that installs quickly and easily under tile, stone, laminate and engineered wood floors. Producing 12 watts per square foot (41 BTU’s), Nuheat mats are available in over 60 standard off-the-shelf sizes (squares and rectangles) or as a custom manufactured mats for rooms with curves and angles. Nuheat Mat is the premier system that offers a maintenance free-heating alternative to baseboard heaters and radiators.

Nuheat Cable is a heating option that allows contractors to manually apply heating cables to the floor. Available in several square footage kits, it allows contractors to make on-site adjustments to the floor heating coverage for any shaped room.

Both Nuheat Mat and Nuheat Cable are controlled by exclusively designed programmable thermostats and may be used in wet areas such as shower floors and benches, saunas, and steam rooms. Nuheat supports its systems with an industry-leading 25-year warranty. Nuheat, Change the Way You Heat.


Nexans Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cables from Warm Your Floor is your THICK cable choice.

Nexans Indoor  Electric Floor Heating  Cables are designed to be installed inside a new concrete slab as it is poured or placed on top of any sub floor and covered with thickset tile or stone Indoors for warm floors or room heating. Nexans Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems are UL Listed with a long history of safety and reliability you can depend on for years of warm floors.

The Nexans 2 conductor TXLP/2 is a dual wire cable ¼ inch thick with a 7 foot power lead and a stiff PVC outer jacket.

RPM Mats


RPM Mats are the lightweight alternative to backerboard, saving you time and energy.

  • Thinner installation (RPM = 5/16" vs. Backerboard = 1/2") helping you match up a variety of flooring materials.
  • Thermal Break over concrete slab.
  • Lightweight and durable recyled materials makes RPM Mats simple to use
  • Easy and mess-free to cut with a utility knife right on the job site.
  • Provide a customizable grid to evenly run floor heating wire under floors.
  • Heating wire sits below RPM studs, keeping you off the wire and unable to trip or pull out the heating wire during installation.
  • Reduces risk of damage to heat wire and integrity of floor heating system.
  • Wire stays below trowel level when spreading leveling cement.
  • Can be used with any brand of heat wire.

View RPM Mat installation guide.
RPM Wire-Spacing chart.

Founded in 1966 in Germany by master tile setter Werner Schlüter, Schluter Systems has continued to revolutionize the tile industry. Creating products that have benefitted both installers and homeowners alike, such as the DITRA Uncoupling Membrane, KERDI Waterproofing and shower systems, and most recently, the new DITRA-HEAT Membrane, making it easier than ever to add both uncoupling and electric radiant heat to a tile floor simultaneously.

Warm Your Floor is an authorized Schluter dealer.



Raychem has been an innovator in the field of electric radiant heat since they invented self-regulating heat trace cables for snow melting and deicing over 75 years ago. Over the years, Raychem has produced a number of efficient, affordable heating elements for both indoor and outdoor use that can add comfort and safety to your home at an affordable price.

Raychem’s WinterGard Wet and Gardian heat trace deicing cables are designed to regulate their own heat output to deliver the appropriate amount of heat exactly where it is needed in a roof, gutter or pipe heating application. The cable's ability to self-regulate allows it to overlap across itself (without risk of overheating or burnout) for the easiest installation possible. All Raychem Heat Trace cables come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Raychem’s QuickNet mats for indoor under floor heat are easy to install, can be customized on site to fit any room, produce 12 watts (41 BTUs) of heat per sq ft, have a thin 3/16" profile, and come with a 15-year manufacturer warranty.

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Safe GFCI Thermostats can be programmed so you can set them once and enjoy warm comfortable floors when you want them.

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