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Nexans2 240v-3300w 615ft Cable

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Nexans TXLP/2 Floor Heating Cables are UL Listed to ensure safety and are ideal for installation within a new concrete slab pour. The triple layer protection covering the heating wires allow installation in virtually any situation whether on a frame floor, within a new concrete pour or on top of an existing slab. Safe enough for a shower floor installation with 30 Year warranty. The quarter inch (.250) thickness works best inside slabs or in thickset mortar beds (not thinset).

The " 2 " designation is for Dual wire which minimizes Electro Magnetic Fields to nearly zero and means 1 lead per cable connects to the thermostat. Nexans also still manufacturers a single wire cable, but the Dual wire is easier to install and is more popular.

Nexans cables warm your floor for comfort and also warms people and objects and is not wasted by heated air collecting at the ceiling. Instead the warmth stays near the floor where we live allowing thermostats to be set at lower temperatures.

    Quick Installation Summary
  • TXLP/2 inside new Slab : Simply attach to reinforcing mesh with cable ties and support mesh so cable is in top 2 inches
  • TXLP/2 on top of existing concrete: secure mat to existing slab via tape, glue (hot glue guns work well) or a light wire mesh and then cover with thick set Mortar
  • TXLP/2 on Top of Plywood/backer board covered with thickset mortar.


Voltage 240 VAC
How to choose 120 or 240 Volt Same Energy efficiency & same Watts/SF. More Sq Footage per circuit with 240v
Watts Per SF No
Heat Output BTUs per SF No
Heating Power : Total BTU's No
Manufacturer Nexans
Brand Name Nexans
Power Lead Type No
Power Lead Length No
Power Lead Wire Gauge (varies by heated area) No
Product Thickness No
Heating Wire Spacing No
Minimum Bend Radius No
Ohms Reading (resistance value) No
ZERO* EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) No
Controls/Thermostat is required for operation No
Conduit required for Power Leads No
Packaging No
Length of heating area Feet 615
Width of heating area Inches No
Length of heating area Inches No
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps No
Skill Level No
GFEP / GFCI Protection (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) No
Maximum Circuit Load 15 Amps
Maximum Circuit Overload Protection 20 A Breaker.
Electrical Box Size (Where Mats connect to Thermostat) No
Full Length End-to-End ground wire No
Heating Wire construction No
Shower Installation Permitted No
Installation Layout Map customized for my project No
Insulation Recommended No
Indoor Installation Only No
Installation On Sub Floor No
Distance from Wax Ring at toilet flange No
Trowel Size recommended No
Trowel type Recommended No
Cut Warning No
Minimum Installation Temperature No
More Details

More Details

Why Helps No
Warranty from Manufacturer No
Heated Area No
Expected Floor Temperature No
Wattage : Total watts No
Amp Draw No
Size in Inches No
Size in Feet No
Installation Style No
Custom Size Options No
Safety Listing No
Canadian Electric Code reference No
National Electric Code reference No
Repairable Heating Wire No
Cable strap or guides No
BTUs/SF/Hr 1 No
BTUs/SF/Hr 2 No
BTUs/SF/Hr 3 No
Spacing between runs 1 No
Spacing between runs 2 No
Spacing between runs 3 No
Watts Per SF 1 No
Watts Per SF 2 No
Watts Per SF 3 No
Heated SF 1 No
Heated SF 2 No
Heated SF 3 No
Acceptable Floor Coverings No
Made In USA No

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