Weather-Ready · 500' Spool (240V / 5-8W)

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The Nuheat Weather-Ready cable is a self-regulating heating cable designed for residential and commercial roof and gutter de-icing.

This 500 Ft Spool of 240v cable can be cut to length as needed on the job site and is also available in 250 Ft. Use a heat shrink Power Connector at the beginning of the cable and an End Seal to terminate. We also have T splice connectors available and all Nuheat Heat shrinks are UL listed and of the highest quality.

It creates and maintain paths for melted snow and ice to drain, preventing major damage and expensive repairs that can be caused by icicles and ice dams. This 5-8 watt cable is suitable for most roof and gutter types, as well as downspouts. The cable's ability to self-regulate allows it to overlap across itself (without risk of overheating or burnout) for easy installation along roofs, gutters and inside downspouts.

Spools of bulk cable are ideal for Roofing or Electrical contractors and offer significant $ savings.

Acceptable Roof materials

  • Shake / Shingle
  • Rubber/Tar
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic

Acceptable Gutter/downspout materials

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
Manufacturer Pentair Thermal Management
Brand Name Nuheat
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