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Snow & Ice Melting

Snow and Ice Melting systems enhance the safety of your outdoor areas. Heated Driveways and walkways provide a snow free path without shoveling or nasty salts or chemicals.

Permanent systems which are installed within new walkways or driveways provide years of invisible and durable snow melting results, whether it is a new concrete or asphalt heated driveway or a heated walkway of pavers or tile and even heated stairs for safe passage to your front door. These permanent snow melting systems are attached to rebar in new concrete pours, in sand under pavers or in new asphalt layers even on top of existing slabs and then covered by mortar and materials like flagstone, bluestone, etc.

You can even use these snow melting systems to provide comfort on patios to take the chill off cool evenings with up to 170 BTU’s per Sq Ft heat output.

Portable snow melting mats are another solution for foot traffic areas (not driveways) that are already in place. We offer several size solutions in both a lighter duty Residential series for heated sidewalks and steps plus a heavy duty commercial-industrial series of mats that are used by many homeowners as well as hotels, ski resorts, and all types of businesses.

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  1. Marker Plate Snow Melt WYF

    Marker Plate Snow Melt WYF

    The ProMelt Snow Melting aluminum plaque mounts within the snow melting zone to permanently indicate where a snow melting system has been installed for enhanced safety. Building and Electrical codes typically require 1 visible marker per 400 Square Feet or separate area. Installing these permanent marker plates where they will be clearly visible is a good safety practice and help remind workers and future owners that electrical snow melting wires are installed within the surface. Learn More
  2. Roof Clips (box of 50)

    Roof Clips (box of 50)

    Nuheat roof clips are used to help secure Nuheat 13RG (and 13FP) roof and gutter de-icing cables to roofs. Learn More
  3. APS-3C 120V Control Panel

    APS-3C 120V Control Panel

    The APS-3C-120V Control Panel automatically controls when used in conjunction with onre or more sensors, such as the SIT-6E or the GIT-1. This ensures maximum efficiency and minimum cost when using a 120 volt Nuheat snow and ice melting system. The APS-3C-120V can handle an amp load of up to 24. Learn More
  4. Loudmouth Monitor Alarm for SunTouch installation

    Loudmouth Monitor Alarm for SunTouch installation

    The SunTouch LoudMouth Monitor sounds an alarm if the SunTouch Heating Wire is cut or damaged, allowing for easy repair BEFORE the mat is covered with Mortar & Tile. We highly recommend the LoudMouth invented and patented by SunTouch. Learn More
  5. ProMelt CP-200 Snow Melt Control Panel

    ProMelt CP-200 Snow Melt Control Panel

    ProMelt Contactor Pro panels provide industry leading automatic snow melting and deicing control. For best results, it should be used in conjunction with a sensor, such as the PM-224, to regulate ProMelt Mats and Cables. Learn More
  6. HeatTrak Watertight Cable Extender - 20 inches long

    HeatTrak Watertight Cable Extender - 20 inches long

    List Price: $16.45

    Our Price: $16.12

    Place HeatTrak Mats HREXT-20 for heated walkways, at entrances, porches, stair landings, loading docks, handicap ramps, rooftops, and most other surfaces, to provide a clean and safe passageway for foot traffic or wheelchair access. Durable for all foot traffic but you cannot drive on them. Learn More
  7. Strap WarmWire & Cable 25 Ft

    Strap WarmWire & Cable 25 Ft

    WarmWire Cable Strap is used to hold WarmWire Cables in place on the sub floor surface at the spacing you choose. All 3 spacing options 2, 2.5 and 3 inch can be maintained using this thin metal strapping. Learn More
  8. Weather-Ready R13P8-2 (watts=8-13) 240V - 500' spool

    Weather-Ready R13P8-2 (watts=8-13) 240V - 500' spool

    List Price: $4,500.00

    Our Price: $2,925.00

    Nuheat Weather-Ready roof and gutter deicing cables can be easily installed onto a roof or inside gutters and downspouts to create and maintain paths for melted snow and ice to drain. This can help prevent the major damage and expensive repairs caused by icicles and snow dams. Learn More
  9. GIT-1 Gutter Sensor (sensor only, req PD-pro or APS)

    GIT-1 Gutter Sensor (sensor only, req PD-pro or APS)

    The GIT-1 sensor is a gutter-mounted sensor for regulating snow and ice melting cables in conjunction with an APS control panel. It senses both temperature and precipitation for maximum effectiveness and energy regulation. Learn More
  10. ProMelt PM-824 Snow Sensor

    ProMelt PM-824 Snow Sensor

    The PM-824 uses a remote (wired) moisture sensor to detect both precipitation and temperature to activate a Contractor Pro control panel to power ProMelt Mats or Cables. It is identical to the PM-224 except for the fact that its sensor is remote instead of being attached to the top of the unit. Learn More

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