Nuheat Shower Mat · 32" x 32" (120V)

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Nuheat Shower Heating Mat 32" x 32" with 5" hole in center warms 7.1 Sq Ft, 0.7 amps,120v.

This special size is pre-built for a shower floor with extra long 22 Ft. power lead and a center hole 5" in diameter to be centered on the shower drain.

Nuheat standard size pre-built floor heat mats come ready to fit the shower and will keep the shower flooring at a warm and comfortable temperature that you set on the Nuheat thermostat control.

Suitable for mortar bed and pre-built shower bases such as Schluter, Wedi, Tile-redi, etc.

Please note that the mats cannot be cut or altered.

This product comes with a 25-year warranty.

Instruction Manual Link

Nuheat Shower Mat Installation Manual

Install Steps

Nuheat mats are squares and rectangles in over 120 sizes and will fit any room regardless of shape or size. When installing your floor, the heating mats are set in a thin spread of mortar (the same bonding materials used to lay your tile floor). Once your subfloor is prepared, and you have installed the Nuheat mat, apply another layer of thinset or mortar, lay your tile as usual and make the final connection to the Nuheat Thermostat control.

Laminate & Engineered Hardwood: simply install the Nuheat mat as above. Next, cover the Nuheat mat with at least 1/4 inch mortar or floor leveling cement. Once the mortar has cured, install your floor according to the flooring manufacturer's instructions.

Maximum Circuit Load

15 Amps

Maximum Circuit Overload Protection

20 A Breaker.

UPC 620713001509
Manufacturer nVent
Voltage 120 VAC
Spacing of Heating Wire 2.0"
Heated Area Size Covered 7.1
Size in Feet 2.7' x 2.7' (2.7x2.7 feet)
Size in Inches 32" x 32" (32x32 inches)
Amp Draw 0.7
Wattage per SF 12
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 41 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour
Heating Power Output Total 300 BTU total
What's In The Box Nuheat Mat, Complete instructions. Installation videos online.
Brand Name Nuheat
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 year warranty
Wire Construction Copper/Copper Alloy Heating wire insulated with ETFE and surrounded with protective Stainless steel ground shield.
Length of Heated Area (ft) 2.25'
Length of Heated Area (in) 27"
Total Watts 88 watts
Indoor / Outdoor INTERIOR floor heating application only. Embedded in mortar only.
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