DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS Insulated Peel &Stick Membrane Roll 108 sq ft, 3' 2-5/8" x 33' 6.5"


DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS - Peel & Stick installation with sound control & a thermal break that ensures a faster warm-up time for your floor, especially over concrete.

Insulation PLUS Peel & Stick - Schluter is the only Manufacturer to offer this premium combination!

The DUO membrane Roll is 108 Sq Ft and provides integrated sound control which reduces impact sound transmission through floor-ceiling assemblies, reduces heat loss to the substrate, and improves floor warming response time, making it ideal for multi-story homes, condos, and apartments.

Now installation is even easier without thin-set under the mat. To install, peel the release film off DITRA-HEAT-PS/-DUO-PS and place the membrane on the substrate. It can be lifted and re-positioned providing no pressure has been applied to it. However, once pressure has been applied the adhesive sticks the membrane firmly to the substrate. The heating cables can be installed immediately after adhering the membrane to the subfloor.

Reduced heat loss to the substrate for up to 70% faster heat-up times over concrete when your floor heating thermostat activates the heating cables in DUO.

All the benefits at a glance:

✔ Quick - No mixing and spreading mortar underneath - Immediately load bearing after installation

✔ Sound Control plus Thermal break insulation - the premium membrane in the industry

✔ Easy - Peel off the adhesive liner and set the membrane in place. Easily repositioned during installation until pressure is exerted on the top

✔ Great for small projects

✔ Waterproof if you seal the joints and edges with KERDI-Band - see note below

  Combines the flexibility of loose heating cables with the ease of installation of mat systems.
  Cables can be snapped into place wherever heat is desired, which significantly reduces installation time and effort.
  For optimal performance with difficult-to-bond-to substrates, use Schluter®-PRIMER-U or another primer suitable for the application.

  Tile directly over DUO or pour self-leveler over the top to install alternate floor coverings 

  • Engineered Wood, floating or glued-down
  • Laminate 
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank (LVT/LVP)
  • Vinyl
  • WPC or Wood Plastic Composite core flooring
  • SPC or Stone Plastic Composite core flooring

Waterproof your installation with KERDI-BAND (sold separately); cover all joints, seams, and corners of the membrane to completely waterproof the installation before applying thin-set and tile.

Note: The Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS membrane does not comply with the requirements specified in ANSI A118.10 – American National Standard Specifications for Load Bearing, Bonded, Waterproof Membranes for Thin-set Ceramic Tile and Dimension Stone Installation. For applications requiring membrane compliance with or certification to the ANSI A118.10, select the DITRA-HEAT-DUO membrane that is installed with thin-set mortar. Alternatively, the DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS membrane may be covered with the Schluter(R)-KERDI membrane, which is certified to meet ANSI A118.10.

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual Link

DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook


Install Steps

All substrates must be clean, even, and load-bearing. Bond-inhibiting surfaces must be removed prior to the application of DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS. For complete installation guidelines and warranty criteria, please refer to the downloadable Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook or to the installation video online.

Note: The type, thickness, and format of the tile or stone surface covering must be suitable for the intended application. Minimum tile format is 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm).

1. Remove the release liner from DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS membrane.

2. Apply peel and stick membrane to the floor, fleece/adhesive side down. Solidly embed the matting into the substrate using a float, screed trowel, or DITRA-ROLLER. Proper installation results in full contact between the adhesive and substrate beneath.

* When using the DITRA-ROLLER, place a weight (e.g., bags of mortar/grout or box of tile) not to exceed 75 lbs on the DITRA-ROLLER shelf. Slowly move the roller from one end of the matting to the other, slightly overlapping successive passes.

3. Abut adjacent sheets and align the studs on the top of the matting to make subsequent heating cable installation easier.

4. The DITRA-HEAT-E-HK heating cables can now be installed. Installation instructions are covered under the DITRA-HEAT-E-HK product page. Note: Tile can be installed directly over the DITRA-HEAT membrane immediately after the DITRA-HEAT-E-HK cables have been installed using an unmodified thin set. Please refer to the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook below for complete DITRA-HEAT system instructions.

Alternate Floor Coverings over DITRA-HEAT-DUO-PS

Please refer to detail DH-AFC in the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook for complete installation guidelines. Use our DITRA-HEAT calculator to find out what products you need to complete your specific installation.

For optimal performance with difficult-to-bond-to substrates, use Schluter®-PRIMER-U or another suitable primer.


UPC 4011832202520
Manufacturer Schluter-Systems
Thickness 5/16"
Size in Feet 107.25 sq ft

More Details

Warranty from Manufacturer 10 Years


Customer Reviews

Works Great with Ditra Heat and easy to install
Review by
These rolls were easy to install when you "backroll" to prevent curling. The bumps provided a great grid guide when installing the tile.
Impressive product
Review by
We purchased the DITRA-HEAT-TB for our concrete slab where we wanted to install a heated floor while installing new tile. My tile setter had not worked with this product and was very impressed. He said it would be a wonderful underlayment on a wood subfloor. We used the Suntouch WarmWire and Suntouch thermostat to complete the system. It was so easy for the tile setter to run the wire in the DITRA-HEAT-TB channels, and to change the layout of the heated area as we laid the wire. Don't know how much the thermal break will help the floor comfort since we installed in July. One interesting note is that when we tap on a tile it sounds hollow, but the tile is firmly bedded in thinset. The tile setter said this is the thermal break under the DITRA.
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