Nuheat Membrane · 161 sq ft (3’3'' x 49.5')

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Nuheat Membrane significantly decreases the time, difficulty, floor height, weight, & cost of your installation.

Nuheat Membrane is a tile underlayment that can be installed over the entire subfloor for uncoupling, crack isolation and waterproofing purposes. It replaces the need for a second layer of plywood or concrete backer board in most tile installations.

The polypropylene plastic layer features square-shaped columns which form channels specially designed to embed and hold Nuheat Cable. The shape of Nuheat Membrane also functions as a vapor management system that allows moisture to escape from the substrate during the curing process. It's polypropylene layer is heat-welded to a non-woven polypropylene fabric that absorbs thinset and creates a strong bond to the subfloor.

Additional benefits include:

  Even floor heat distribution
  On-site adjustments are made easily for complex floorplans
 No need for a second layer of plywood or concrete backer boards
 Lowers the finished floor height
  Significantly reduces installation time & material cost of installing
--a Nuheat Cable System

Instruction Manual Link

Nuheat Membrane Installation Manual

Install Steps

Install Steps

The Nuheat Membrane product is simply adhered to the subfloor using thinset. Next, snap in the Nuheat Cable Floor Heating System into the channels of the Nuheat Membrane based on the area you want to heat. Cover the Nuheat Membrane and Nuheat Cable with thinset and tile can be installed over top. 


 Approved Modified Thinsets by Mapei for Tile Setting

 Approved Modified Thinsets by Custom Building Products for Tile Setting

 Approved Modified Thinsets by Ardex for Tile Setting

 Approved Modified Thinsets by Laticrete for Tile Setting

 Approved Modified Thinsets by Kiesel Bauchemie for Tile Setting

 Approved Modified Thinsets by Flextile for Tile Setting

UPC 715629008640
Manufacturer nVent
Thickness 0.22"
Size in Feet 3.25 x 49.5 ft
Size in Inches 39 x 594 in
Size in Meters 0.99 x 15.08 m
Warranty from Manufacturer 25-year
What's In The Box 1 roll of Nuheat Membrane
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