Schluter DITRA-HEAT Kit with 27 sq ft Cable, 43 sq ft Membrane, Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat (120V)

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DITRA-HEAT combines the flexibility of loose heating cables with the ease of installation of mat systems.

Cables easily snap into place wherever heat is desired, which significantly reduces installation time and effort.
Since this eliminates any height differences, simply place self-leveler over the top for a perfectly level flooring installation.

This DITRA-HEAT Kit contains everything you need to install a complete floor heating system under tile or stone:

  1 Spool of DITRA-HEAT Cable (DHEHK12027) - Warms 26.7 sq ft
  1 DHERT102/BW Programmable Thermostat (touchscreen)
  2 Sensor Wires - one in each the thermostat & heating cable box
  5 DITRA-HEAT Uncoupling Membrane Sheets - Covers 43.1 sq ft

Revolutionary DITRA-HEAT membrane by Schluter-Systems integrates electric floor warming with the functions associated with DITRA:
uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management and support which eliminated common causes of cracking ensuring a long lasting installation under tile or stone.

Note:  Product shown is a kit put together by Authorized Distributor Warm Your Floor containing individual genuine Schluter® products.

Instruction Manual Link

DITRA-HEAT Installation Handbook


Install Steps

Ensure your sub floor is clean, even, and load bearing. Bond inhibiting surfaces must be removed prior to the application of DITRA-HEAT. For complete installation guidelines and warranty criteria, please refer to the included instruction manual or at the link displayed above.

Note: Type, thickness, & format of the tile/stone covering must be at least 2" x 2" (5 x 5 cm).

Indoor / Outdoor


Maximum Circuit Load

15 amps

Distance from Toilet

Minimum of 7" from the centerline of the toilet drain

Manufacturer Schluter-Systems
Cable Length 88.2 ft
Cable Length (meters) 26.9 m
Heated Area Size Covered 43.1 sq.ft.
Wattage per SF 12.75
Amp Draw 2.8
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 1153.3
Spacing of Heating Wire 3-stud and 3-2-3-2-stud spacing. (Tension loop can be made around a single stud if necessary. See installation handbook for details.)
What's In The Box 5 Sheets Ditra-Heat Membrane, 1 DHEHK12027 Cable, 2 sensors, 1 Touch-Screen Thermostat (DHERT102/BW)
Warranty from Manufacturer 10-25 yrs
Spacing between runs 1 3 stud spacing
Spacing between runs 2 3-2-3-2 stud spacing
Heated SF 1 26.7
Heated SF 2 22.2
Watts Per SF 1 12.7
Watts Per SF 2 15.2
BTUs/SF/Hr 1 43.2
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