Nuheat Mesh Mat 20 in x 55 ft (240V) heats 90 sq ft

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The Nuheat Mesh floor heating system heats bathrooms, showers, kitchens, entryways and other living areas when using Tile, Stone, Laminate or Engineered wood floors.

Nuheat Mesh is easy-to-install and can be customized on site to fit your room; simply cut and turn the mat to fit. The fiberglass mesh holds the heating cable securely and is coated with an adhesive which grips the subfloor surface eliminating the need for tape or staples to hold it in place while installing. Providing 12 Watts per square foot, the Heating cable’s design is durable; 2 wires surrounded by a grounding mesh and covered with a PVC outer jacket, with a thin and flexible power lead 10 Ft long (118”) pre-attached.

There are 32 sizes in 120 & 240V - select the Square Footage needed to heat your floor & place the mat wherever you want warmth; remember, no mesh mat means no heat.

  • Sticky fiberglass mesh is self-adhesive – the “sticky” coating grabs the subfloor
  • Versatile cut-and-turn placement allows your 20” wide mesh to go where you need it to get the job done
  • 2-step installation - Nuheat recommends that you: 1, cover mesh with Self Leveler or thinset, then 2, set tile in thinset once first layer is cured.
  • Low profile 3/16” thickness (0.188”) will have a minimal effect on floor height
  • Thin power lead and connection joint of 16-18 AWG wire covered with metal ground shield and outer black jacket.
  • Durable & Zero EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) heating cable uses a proven Nuheat design that is extremely reliable
Instruction Manual Link

Nuheat Mesh Mat Installation Manual

Minimum Installation Temperature

50°F / 10°C

Maximum Circuit Load

15 A

Maximum Circuit Overload Protection

20 A breaker

Distance from Toilet

Install 4 - 6 inches away from wax ring; can be under front of toilet. Approx 20 inches from wall

Shower Installation

Yes, can be installed in a tiled shower. UL listed, verify local code.

Trowel Size recommended

Minimum 3/8 x 1/4 in. Dependent on tile size - verify with tile/mortar manufacturer

UPC 715629008541
Manufacturer nVent
Safety Listing UL (Underwriters Laboratory) listed for U.S. and Canada
Voltage 240 VAC
Ohms Reading (resistance value) 49-57 ohms
Spacing of Heating Wire 3 in [80 mm]
Heated Area Size Covered 90
Size in Feet 1.66 x 55 ft
Size in Inches 20 x 660 in
Size in Meters 0.5 x 16.76 m
Thickness 3/16 in [0.188 in]
Amp Draw 4.6
Wattage per SF 12
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 41 BTU/h/ft2
Heating Power Output Total 3690
Power Lead Length 10 ft [3 m]
Power Lead Type Thin, PVC coated 2-wire + metal grounding mesh single point connection at corner of mat. No return wire like inferior products.
Power Lead Wire Gauge 16-18 AWG
What's In The Box Mesh mat and detailed installation manual (install videos online)
Brand Name Nuheat
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 year warranty
Why Helps Nuheat Mesh=Zero EMF (Electro Magentic Field) due to dual-wire twisted pair design
Wire Construction 2-wire, grounded, twisted pair heating wire insulated and surrounded with braided metal ground shield
Length of Heated Area (ft) 55 ft
Length of Heated Area (in) 660 in
Total Watts 1102
Indoor / Outdoor INTERIOR floor heating application only. Embedded in mortar or self-leveling concrete only.
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