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ProMelt PM-5 SnowSensor 120/208/240v 2x30A

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Your snow melting system will work best if it is connected to an automatic control.

The ProMelt PM-5 Snow Sensor activates your ProMelt mats or cables when it detects snow based on the presence of both low temperature and precipitation. It has a fixed moisture sensor attached to its top and should be mounted on a pole in an area open to the sky and the elements.

The PM-5 features dual 30 Amp contacts and automatically controls 60 Amps of snow melting mats or cables. It can control two areas of up to 145 Sq Ft of 50 Watts/SF at 240v 30 Amp Maximum, for a total area of about 290 Sq Ft.

If you are familiar with the ProMelt PM-2B, the PM-5 is an almost identical snow sensor with twice the load handling capacity.

Advantages of the ProMelt PM-5 Snow Sensor

  • Operates in 3 modes: On-Automatic, On-Manual and Off-Standby-Reset
  • Comes with dual 30 Amp load capacity and operates using line voltage of 100-120 V and 200-240 V
  • Automatic activation allows you to benefit from lower costs for snow melting and deicing compared to systems without automatic snow sensors
  • Advanced sensors for reliable precipitation detection
  • Easy to install and configure with many user customizable options
  • All internal electronics and advanced settings are easily accessible with the removable cover
  • Generous 1 year warranty and many replaceable parts
  • Enclosed in a NEMA 3R case rated for outdoor use and designed to resist the harshest elements (enclosure measures approximately 5" x 7" x 3')
  • Internal electronics are designed to perform at -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius
  • ETL UL Standard 508/CSA C22.2 No. 14 Listed

With power-saving automatic activation, reliable and accurate precipitation detection, easily adjustable trigger temperature settings and a drying cycle, the PM-5 is a great solution for your snow melting system. It is a stand-alone sensor/control that does not need to be connected to a Contactor Pro control panel and can be operated in manual or automatic mode. The PM-5 cannot be used with Contactor Pro control panels, which are designed for use with 24 V snow sensors (PM-224 or PM-824). The snow sensor measures approximately 5"x7"x3" and should be used with medium systems up to 30 plus 30 Amps or about 145 plus 145 Sq Ft at 50 Watts/SF.
To easily monitor and control your PM-5, we recommend purchasing the optional PM-DP remote ProMelt Display Panel, sold separately.
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
Install Steps
  1. The PM-5 must be mounted outdoors on top of a piece of rigid conduit secured to a pole or to a free-standing conduit or by using the mounting holes in each corner of the enclosure.
  2. Wire the controller in accordance to the provided schematics. The power leads from the snow melting system and the incoming power from the electrical panel connect to the controller.
  3. The PM-5 must be installed in a location that exposes the moisture grid to a clear view of the sky and any precipitation. The unit should not be mounted directly under eaves, overhangs, or other obstructions that can block precipitation from reaching the moisture grid.
  4. Do not install the sensor close to the ground, or any other location, that can cause the sensor to be buried in snow. Mount the PM-5 outdoors, away from furnace vents, dryer vents, and other sources of heat.
  5. Do not drill holes in the enclosure.
Location / Use : Indoor Only Outdoor Only


Manufacturer Watts Radiant
More Details

More Details

Why Helps

The unit is housed in a two gang PVC enclosure. Users may access all electronics by removing the four front cover screws.

Wiring is performed by terminating your existing wiring to the pre-installed 18 inch pigtails. The PM-5 is mounted by either attaching the mounting hub to a rigid ½" or ¾" conduit or by installing screws through the four mounting tabs provided.

The PM-5 can be powered from either a 100-120 VAC or 200-240 VAC 50/60Hz source. Peak power consumption is 15 watts. Voltage selection is performed by installing provided jumpers onto the printed circuit board. The unit provides a DUAL 240VAC @ 30A normally open load contact set. This contact set is paralleled with a low power contact set to provide remote activation monitoring. Operational temperature range is -40°C to +85°C.

An environmentally sealed control switch is provided. The 'Manual On' function activates the controlled equipment for testing and special operational conditions. The 'Automatic' position allows the PM-5 to handle all detections and control. The 'Standby/Reset' position disables triggering and can also be used to clear the delay off timer (see below) from true or test activation. Remote control and monitor up to 1000 feet away is also available when the optional C/M cable listed is installed. The PM-5 is also compatible with the PM-DP remote control.

Power and load pigtails are MTW UL 1015 105°C 600V and are 18' in length from base of conduit hub.

Trigger Temperature (TT) is adjustable from 34°F-44°F using an on-board control. When ambient air temperature (AT) is below this trigger point precipitation is assumed to be snow or freezing rain. When above the trigger point, precipitation is assumed to be rain.

'Delay Off' refers to the internal drying cycle timer of the PM-5. The timer is used to allow the PM-5 to dry the heated surface through evaporation once precipitation has stopped. The drying cycle reduces the chance that moisture left behind by the melting process will refreeze into ice. This timer is restarted by each precipitation detection. Therefore, the PM-5 will continue to operate as long as precipitation and trigger temperature is detected, then for the 'Delay Off' time once rain or snow stops. It is assumed that, when operating as a sensor, the PM-5 is supplying an activation signal to an external control system. All 'sensor' modes provide a minimum 2 minute closure to reducing cycling of the external controller. When in a 'controller' mode the Delay Off time can be adjusted from 30-90 minutes. Proper adjustment assures drying without excessive runtime.

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