QuietWarmth Heating Film for Click-Together Floors 1.5' x 5' (120V)

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Ideal for adding safe, low cost warmth to virtually any floor.

Incredibly easy to install!  Unroll it and run the wires to a thermostat for control.  NO mortar, NO glue, NO mess!

QuietWarmth Radiant Floor Heating Film is an ultra-thin and flexible radiant floor heating product engineered to deliver the ultimate in thermal comfort by gently warming all types of floating floors with ultra-energy efficiency and low cost consumption (12W per square foot).

  Fast & Easy installation
  No self-leveling mortar needed!
  0.016" thin (will not raise floor height)
  Can be cut to fit the length of your floor with a pair of scissors
  Disperses fast, more evenly radiant floor heat
  Spot heat - place the mats where you want heat
  Consumes less power than traditional wired radiant heat systems
  For use with floating floors only

All QuietWarmth products are configured with factory attached connections & suitable for all types of renovation or new construction projects.  Ideally suited for click-together materials like laminate, solid and engineered wood, luxury vinyl flooring, and floating tile like Snapstone®, Avaire®, and Eclipse®.

(Not intended for traditional tile or glue down floors please see QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for Traditional Tile & Glue-Down Flooring)


Install Steps

Installation Steps:

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Sketch Your Layout
Sketch your layout and figure out the area to be warmed. Use the above sketch as an example.  (Click to enlarge)

Allow at least 6 in. clearance between the edge of the mats and the wall.

Ensure no cables/wires cross over any of your heating mats.

Prepare Your Mat(s)
Referencing your layout sketch, cut the heating film mat to length along the DASHED LINE ONLY, using scissors.  Never cut into the solid black printed areas of the mat.

Insulate your cut ends with Kapton Disks.

Do not cut off the end with wired connections!

Install Mats
After installing appropriate underlayment, lay your mats directly on top. (Click to enlarge photo)

Attach the heating mats to the underlayment using a high quality duct tape.

Cut out an area of the underlayment and push the connectors down so they are completely level with the mat. (Some installations may require you to chisel the concrete.)

Run each pair of cold leads to the junction box between sections of the underlayment.

Run thermostat floor sensor wire from the middle of the heated area to the junction box.  You may need to cut a narrow channel in the underlayment to route all your cables in a way that they are level with the heating film.  Then, duct tape your wires into place.

Install Your Floating Floor
Follow your floor covering manufacturer's instructions for installation over a radiant system.

Finish Connecting Electrical
Depending on your wire lead installation, run the lead wires from the individual mat(s) along the base of the wall up to the junction box.


Wire the heating mats to the thermostat control according to the manufacturer's instructions using the 12/2 Romex wire.


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compatible thermostats

Multiple Mat Installation:

For any installation with multiple mats where the total electrical draw will exceed 15 amps, it will be necessary to install additional power modules, each protected with a Equipment Ground Fault Protection Device (EGFP). 

For example, if the total calculated current draw for a large room is 37 amps, a thermostat and two power modules would be required, with no individual power module handling more than 15 amps. The two power modules are controlled by the thermostat. The National Electrical Code specifies that each branch circuit used in  conjunction with a heating system must be for the exclusive use of the heating system. Do not connect lights, outlets, etc. to any branch circuit used with the QuietWarmth ® Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors.


   Do not install in wet areas such as showers.
•   Only use in areas considered dry locations by the national electrical code.
•   Never fold the heating mats.
  Never install in walls.
•   Never install mats under walls, partitions, or locations that will be covered by floor hugging furniture.


UPC 696087045333
Manufacturer MP Global Products
Voltage 120V
Amp Draw 0.65
Power Lead Wire Gauge 14
What's In The Box 1 (1.5' x 5') 120V roll of QuietWarmth heating film, Kapton discs, Warning lables
Warranty from Manufacturer 25 Years Limited - View Details
Size in Feet 1.5' x 5'
Acceptable Floor Coverings Click-together materials like laminate, solid and engineered wood, luxury vinyl, and floating tile like Snapstone, Avaire, and Eclipse

Refer to your floor covering manufacturer's specifications for compatibility
Thickness 0.016"
Wattage per SF 12
Heated Area Size Covered 7.5 sq ft
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