QuietWarmth Peel & Stick for Tile & Glue Down Floors 3' x 10' (120V)

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Ideal for adding safe and affordable floor heat to your home.

QuietWarmth Peel & Stick is a lightweight, clean, quiet, hypoallergenic, highly efficient, sliver-thin & maintenance-free radiant heat system for tile & glue-down floors.

About the thickness of three stacked credit cards (0.05 inches)
QuietWarmth Peel & Stick Radiant Heating Film provides up to 85% heated surface coverage to traditional tile, stone, or marble flooring, without any hot or cold spots.  Visit our Knowledge Center to learn more.

It is a highly efficient radiant heat film integrated in a waterproof anti-fracture membrane which helps isolate cracks up to 3/8" wide.

All QuietWarmth products are configured with factory attached connections & suitable for all types of renovation or new construction projects.

 Fast & Easy installation

 No self-leveling mortar needed!

 Ultra-thin at less than 0.05"

 12 watts per square foot

 Crack isolation membrane

 99.9% energy turned into heat

Install Steps

Installation Steps:

Step #1

Step #2

Step #3

Sketch Your Layout
Sketch your layout and figure out the area to be warmed. Use the above sketch as an example.  (Click to enlarge)

Allow at least 6 in. clearance between the edge of the mats and the wall.

Ensure no cables/wires cross over any of your heating mats.

Locate Your Thermostat
Thermostats are usually located near the power leads. However, they can be put almost anywhere, because the power leads and the sensor wire can be routed to electrical junction boxes and extended to a location outside the heated room (such as a utility room or basement).

Location of the thermostat should be approximately 60” (152 cm) above the floor on an inside wall, near the center of the room to allow the connection leads to reach.  A 3" deep box is recommended for the thermostat.

Peel & Stick Your Mats

With the peelable release liner still on, position all the mats into place. Make sure the leads are run within reach of the wall of the room where the thermostat/junction box will be located and that there are no obstructions or floor penetrations in the way.

Be sure to leave clearance to walls or partitions at the connector end for wiring and final connections. 

When all the mats are in proper position, peel & stick your mats to the subfloor starting with the end
with the connections attached using your hand to smooth down the exposed adhesive portion of the mat avoiding air bubbles.

For adjacent mats, follow the same procedure starting with alignment of the side by side mats in a butt joint fashion. Do not overlap mats.

As the mats are installed, locate the thermostat sensor wire/probe. Affix into position with a small amount of tape. The sensor should extend approximately 6” to 12” from wall adjacent to the mat shown. Be careful not to put your sensor near other heating sources such as a heating duct below the floor.

Follow the "Electrical Installation" instructions in the manual to complete the wiring portion of your QuietWarmth install.

Tile Directly Overtop
Follow your floor covering manufacturer's instructions for installation over a radiant system.

These install steps are meant as a guide and not a subsitution for the QuietWarmth installation manual linked above.  Please read it in it's entirety before beginning your installation.

Multiple Mat Installation:

Installations with multiple heating mats will require a junction box to gang the connections together. If a junction box is required, it should be located directly beneath the thermostat, 12” to 18” above the floor. The total number of mats used in a single circuit is limited to 15 amps.

When specifying multiple width heating mats for the same area, make sure that the total power required does not exceed the total power of a single circuit. Add additional 20 amp circuits as required for proper electrical supply to the installation.


  • QuietWarmth® Peel & Stick Radiant Heat should be installed on properly prepared stable subfloors.
  • Must be installed on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Do not connect lights, outlets, or any other electrical device to any branch circuit used with the QuietWarmth®.
  • Never cut, puncture, or otherwise alter the mats to make them fit. Punctures, cuts, or modifications to the heating mats may result in risk of electrical concerns and will void the warranty.
  • All wiring, fuses and/or circuit breakers must conform to National Electrical Code requirements.
  • All wiring must run through conduits to junction boxes.
  • Vinyl or linoleum floor coverings are never acceptable for use with QuietWarmth® Peel & Stick Radiant Heat

UPC 696087045425
Manufacturer MP Global Products
Safety Listing
Voltage 120V
Size in Inches 36" x 120"
Size in Meters .91 x 3.05m
Amp Draw 2.83
Power Lead Wire Gauge 14
Power Lead Length 15 feet
What's In The Box Roll of 120V (3' x 10') QuietWarmth heating film, Kapton discs, Warning lables
Warranty from Manufacturer 10 Years Limited - View Details
Size in Feet 3' x 10'
Acceptable Floor Coverings ceramic & porcelain tile, marble, stone

Refer to your floor covering manufacturer's specifications for compatibility
Thickness 0.03" (same as a credit card)
Wattage per SF 12
Total Watts 339W
Heated Area Size Covered 30 sq ft
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