DITRA Uncoupling Membrane 3'3" x 98'5"

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DITRA is the ORIGINAL uncoupling membrane designed for traditional tile floors (not to be confused with the new DITRA-HEAT membrane to be used with heating cables). With their open rib structure, DITRA Uncoupling Membranes are polyurethane membranes effectively neutralize the movement stress between tile and the substrate beneath by allowing for in-plane movement of tile flooring and creating even load distribution. This keeps the tile from cracking and keeps your tile looking new and pristine. In addition to this, DITRA Uncoupling Mats also provide water-proofing and a vapor management layer. This makes them ideal for installing over almost any subfloor. When installing with radiant heat, the DITRA Uncoupling membrane must be installed OVER the heating elements and mortar.

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DITRA Installation Handbook


UPC 4011832007262
Size in Feet 3'3" x 98'5"
Size in Inches 39" x 1181"
Size in Meters 0.99 x 29.99
Warranty from Manufacturer 10 Years
What's In The Box (1) Roll of 3'3" x 98'5" DITRA Uncoupling Membrane
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