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SlabHeat • 164 Square Foot Radiant Slab Heating Cable (240V)

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SunTouch SlabHeat Cables are the best solution for true radiant floor heating installed within a new concrete slab pour.

SlabHeat is engineered by the world leader in electric floor heating systems with the capability to produce enough BTUs to heat a slab, the space, and the surface people walk on. Regardless of size, shape, or thickness, SlabHeat is the way to provide heat to just about any indoor space.

Benefits of SlabHeat
Tough polyurethane outer jacket offers superior flexibility, abrasion and tear resistance, impact resistance, resiliency and better low temperature stability than the PVC used in competing products.

  • Safety built in ZERO EMF dual wire cables are UL Listed
  • Engineered by Watts Radiant SunTouch a company with decades of experience in hydronic and electric radiant heating
  • Comfortable, even heat without the drying effects of forced air heating
  • Reliable, durable design
  • No vents or duct work
  • Invisible with no lost space - not like large intrusive base board heaters
  • Maintenance-free and silent
  • Efficient radiant heat of up to 51 BTUs per Sq Ft

SlabHeat Cable is a complete heating cable consisting of a series resistance heating cable and a single power lead for easy single point connection. The heating cable length cannot be cut to fit. Constant wattage output is approximately 5 Watts per Linear Foot.

SlabHeat cable should be installed in all interior floor areas to be warmed. It cannot be used for exterior applications, snow melting, or in ceilings.

Primary Heat Applications
A properly designed heating system begins with an accurate heat-loss calculation to determine whether the system will provide enough energy to function as the primary heat source for the space or provide floor warming only. If it is a primary heating system, we recommend a detailed heat-loss be performed first, then select wire spacing based on heat output. If you have already know the BTUs required, the calculation is simple. If you need us to perform a heat-loss calculation, please download the form and return it to us with all details completed.

Download or Print the Heat Loss Form SlabHeat Instruction Manual SlabHeat Sell Sheet and Prices SlabHeat Overview Sheet SlabHeat Specification
Instructions + Video

Instructions + Video

Instruction Manual
GFCI / GFEP Protection Required for each circuit. Built-in to all SunTouch SunStats.
Power Supply & Wiring
Mats or WireSupply WireBreaker
VACtotal amps(AWG*)qtytyperating
120up to 12 amps141single pole15 or 20 A
120up to 15 amps121single pole
20 A
240up to 12 amps141double pole15 or 20 A
240up to 15 amps121double pole20 A

* Recommended only. Follow local codes for wire gauge size.

Maximum Circuit Load 15 Amps
Maximum Circuit Overload Protection 20 A Breaker.
Recommended Insulation Resistance test by Electrician Use a Megohmeter - see manual
Electrical Box Size Extra-deep single-gang box for 1 or 2 leads, Or 4" square deep box for 3 cables (extra room needed for Wire, wire nuts, control)
National Electric Code reference ANSI/NFPA 70 especially Article 426. Plus any local code requirements
Skill Level Running Cable more difficult + more time than MATS. Installation only by qualified persons. Electrician recommended for wiring. Read More
Minimum Depth .75" inches below top of heated surface-completely covered
Recommended Method and Depth for Slab 1.50" to 2" inches below top of heated surface-completely covered
Maximum exposure temperature 194 ° degrees F
Layout Flexibilty No, example in manual. We provide Layout Maps only for MATS
Expected Floor Temperature This is dependent on many factors. A well-insulated floor can ensure better performance.
Insulation Recommended Insulated slab recommended
Indoor/Outdoor? Indoor Installation Only Inside Concrete Slab
Acceptable Sub-Floors Installation On Sub Floor covered by 3/4" concrete (slab cap)
Distance from Toilet Install 4 - 6 inches away; can be under front of toilet. Approx 20" from wall
Minimum Bend Radius 1" 1 inch
Cut Warning No. Never cut the heating elements to shorten


Voltage 240 VAC
Wattage per SF 15
Heating Power Output per Hour (BTU) 51 BTU per Sq Ft/Hour @ 4" in. inch spacing)
Heating Power Output Total 8364 BTU total
Manufacturer Watts Radiant
Power Lead Type Armored, NEC color code, Single point connection at 1 end of spool. No return wire like inferior products
Power Lead Length 10 Feet
Power Lead Wire Gauge 14 AWG
Thickness 1/4 " in. inch
Spacing of Heating Wire 4" - 5" - 6" on center
Full Length End-to-End ground wire Yes.
Resistance Value 18 - 23 ohms
EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) Yes. Verified by Independent Testing Laboratory as ultra low. REET test
Thermostat Control Required? SunStat Floor sensing thermostat
BTUs/SF/Hr 1 51
BTUs/SF/Hr 2 42.5
BTUs/SF/Hr 3 34
Spacing between runs 1 4
Spacing between runs 2 5
Spacing between runs 3 6
Watts Per SF 1 15
Watts Per SF 2 12.5
Watts Per SF 3 10
Heated SF 1 164
Heated SF 2 203
Heated SF 3 243
More Details

More Details

Warranty 10 year warranty backed by USA Manufacturer since 1873
Amp Draw 10.3
Wire Construction Thermoplastic insulation, metal shield and Outside layer of Polyurethane
Cable Length 483' ft. feet
Cable Length (inches) 5796" in. inch
Cable Length (meters) 146.36 m meter metre
Total Watts 2460 watts - Total watts are per cable, NOT dependent on spacing
Custom Size Options None. Standard lengths only. No customization
Repair Information Yes, Wire can be repaired. Repair kits and assistance available.
Safety Listing UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listed for U.S. and Canada under UL 1673 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 130-03, File No. E185866
Canadian Electric Code reference Section 62 (CEC) Part I. Plus any local code requirements

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